Monday, 30 November 2009

if only straight jackets were ACTUALLY this awesome.

I'd be signing up for a stint in the asylum; posthaste!

Korean-based menswear craic, yesyes? Vidi wooyoungmi!

And of course, the pictures are pretty small and stuff...but you should FOR REAL check out the website linked above, vaiiirr high res images from this (A/W09/10, natch) and previous collections (just, annoyingly, in flash and too big to grab, oh macbook how i adore your features etc).

Erm, hello...awesome!? I mean, as a menswear collection it's pretty cool anyways, but the knits/jackets/shoulder accoutrements are SO FAR BEYOND AWESOME it's actually ridic.
A little military (epaulettes! medals!), totally unisex, ideal for layering, rendered in so many of my fave fabrics (leather! suede! wool!), and a good heap of asymmetry (♥) thrown right on in there for good measure...

oh my.

I love the colours, the little details, even the complete straight-jacket-esque-ness of it all. I think any of the first 3...or possibly the last one...are my faves. Oh, GOD, I can't even choose.


There's a bunch of stockists on the website, including Selfridges and Vertice in London, Behaviour and King of Greene Street in New York, and Le Bon Marche in Paris, as well as a bunch of places around the Far East, Europe and Canada, but I'm failing to see any online type deals, unless any of these stores stock 'em...course if I find an online stockist I'll link it!!


So yeah, I orig discovered these over at Tom&Lorenzo (which if you are a fan of Project Runway/Mad Men/bitchy gays, you should already be viewing on a regular basis).

Friday, 27 November 2009

"the original hipster"

oh, a blog post!

the internetz has been off for a couple days, and I'm a bit lazy I've been crackin' on with the ol' uni sketchbook (finally).
Fully booked life for the next week - house party tonight, Edinburgh to see wor Daniel tomorrow, Dundee for 3 nights, then Yeah Yeah Yeahs next Thursday...I enjoy busy schedules.
I should have shares in the trains.

But this is not the point!

I came across this shoot on Modelizing via a link on Luxirare's Twitter (oh, how the internet is connected. Blogging and Twitter go hand in hand, I find. Cross promotion an' ting.) and I thought it deserved to be shared.

Quote the original post:

"I thought I'd share a story I recently created with the insight of wonderfully talented art director Ali Lee. It was our first time working together and hopefully not the last. The concept was based on the book The Pushcart War. Our lovely model, Chris, has lived on Mercer Street for a few decades by choice. I'm calling this series The Original Hipster because on most days he doesn't even look like he's truly homeless. The post processing is a bit of a departure for my real colour obsession and I'm really into it. I hope you guys enjoy. And for those with really great memories, yes this is from the shoot I did that the Unknown Hipster drew."

Quote the Art Director, Ali Lee:

"As the art director I can say my vision came alive. As a culture we look for explanations, reason for cause, and labels. Forgetting what’s in front of us, the beauty and truth is pure stop and see that each moment and day is enough. Appreciate the people who are real. A nobody is far more attractive than a somebody."

And of course, vidi le pictorals:

I find these incredibly interesting and beautiful, both in concept and in execution; and it appears they're causing a little controversy over on the Modelizing post (see the comments if you do head over there), but often these are the best examples of photography, or indeed, any art, non?

All pictures by Julia Chesky @ Modelizing

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

candy shop

Candy is the new magazine from Luis Venegas, creator of Fanzine 137 and Electric Youth! (neither of which I've heard of before, but I'm gonna go have a little dig around in a minute cos I'm somewhat interested now). There's a feature and interview at Dazed Digital...

It's the world's first transversal style magazine!
I'm pretty sure my workmate off of placement (Eudald @ weneedanewman) went along to the launch party in Hoxton last week.
Luke Worral makes an excellent woman.

Vidi the launch video:

CANDY 1 from Luis Venegas on Vimeo.

So yeah, it's full of editorials featuring male models in drag; Lacroix couture and Rodarte's web-like knits; and "some of the most iconic figures in trans-history", as well as contributions from the likes of photographer Bruce Weber. Exciting!

Some examples?

J'adore le sparkly corset!
Reminds me of this slice of heaven (sometimes it would be nice to have smaller boobs. I'm most certainly not fitting into a 32B.)

It can be found here at ebay... I think I might be DIY-ing, it's just too fabulous.

Candy, as Fanzine 137 and Electric Youth!, is printed in a limited run of 1000 copies, and A/W 09/10 is on sale now!

Monday, 23 November 2009

ode to... snoop dogg

So I picked up this music-based paper in Best Vintage* on Saturday; casually flicked through it.

It's rare for me to read a music mag these days. I'll pick up The Fly if I come across it, I always forget you can read it online (although I am now cos I've just remembered. Wild Beasts are on the front!), and perhaps Narc (another free paper effort based in the North East...also has the same name as an Interpol song. w00t!), but nothing like the "good ol' days" of NME (around the years 2004-2006, I would assume) before I matured enough to realise it was a bunch of epic dross whose only aim was to hype whatever band they thought would make them money.

If I need to know it now, someone on facebook will likely do a status about it. This is how I found out about the imminent (NEXT YEAR NEXT YEAR) next Interpol album. Also popjustice; legendary.

Oh yeah, sorry, what was my point? The Stool Pigeon! That's what!
It's been running 2 years - a monthly paper based in London, and tis a hefty lil' thing.

I will get around to reading the interviews with Vampire Weekend and Julian Casablancas (♥) and what I assume will be some reviews an' ting further towards the back, but the interview with Snoop Dogg on page 22 with accompanying photo (above) was the one that caught my eye and made for a classic read.

I shall insert some classic snippets below. Warning (mam): Snoop is well down with the ol' swearing; that's just how he rolls.

SP: Kids are forced to grow up quick these days, I think.
Yeah, you don't wanna shape and mould your kids because your gonna shape and mould som'n that you don't want. Let them find out who they are and let them become the best at whatever they gonna be - even if it's a criminal, a preacher, a doctor, or whatever it is...

You need to come back to Britain. We need to sort that out.
Yeah, they need to let me in and quit bullshittin'! They acting like bitches over there! Let me in the motherfuckin' place!

Who decided you can't come in, the home office?
Well, the people, they want me there and love me and wanna see me. It's the motherfuckin' government. Some white-wig-wearin' parliament motherfuckers. They running they shit based on the 1800s, as opposed to the 2000s. Y'all livin' in yesteryear! Y'all need to change your shit over there!

OK, no politics - dull subject - but it makes me think of money, and you do have a lot of that. What do you do with your money?
Well, you can't die with it! Fuck it! Spend that shit! What you gonna do? Save and shit?...

So you don't feel like you should start rapping about doing the dishes and putting the kids to bed?
I don't never do the dishes! So why would I rap about it? I got a motherfuckin' maid to do that shit!

Anything you wanna do that you're yet to do?
Yeah. I feel like a gotta win a motherfuckin' Grammy.

More than an oscar?
Yeah, real shit. But I'ma get one of those too.

Snoop; an expert on childcare, politics, money, housework, awards....legend.
They even call him Uncle Snoop, up in the rap world. BRILLIANT.


* a usual favourite of mine on the Newcastle vintage scene, but not so much of late...I think London has spoiled me with the quality of the ol' vintage. Hmm. Better stuff to be found in THE BEST charity shop, RSPCA in Byker, I reckon. Must pop in there soon. Anyways, yeah.

a leopard; some lace

Some recent outfits. One day, one night...

vintage leopard dress; primark parka & belt; betty jackson wedges

vintage blazer; thrifted lace top; H&M skirt; ASOS boots; Topshop etc necklaces.
My face looks mental.

yeah, i wear leopard maxi dresses during the day.

Totally, TOTALLY into my khaki parka right now.
I went through a phase (I'm talking, like, age 15 here. Definately pre-blonde.) where I was alllll about khaki, I had many a khaki piece, and then I decided it didn't suit and got rid of most of it.
Now I have a couple dresses and this coat, which is Primark (!), via ebay. It's pretty much perfect, in the sense that when I was looking for a lightweight parka (last summer, I believe), if I'd have designed my own perfect one, it would pretty much have looked like this.

Ah, love.

Hannah wore a totally similar outfit to me on Wednesday night (the lace affair, yuss), even down to the same Topshop necklace and the same nose ring. Hmm. Next time, we must confer before a night out.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

ahhhhhhhh; fashion!

Aha; every time Gok's Fashion Fix was on last year (haven't watched any of this years series...) we would join in with the bit going to ad breaks. Classic.


Thursday night! Some of the first year kids* on my course (my, they are far more organised than any of us third years) organised a charity fashion show at the ol' Student's Union. I offered to help out backstage and with styling, but had to remind them about this a couple of days before the show and they'd done all the styling efforts by then, but I did help out dressing.

And then they gave me a clipboard for the second half...people should know not to give me any sort of power.

The bossy hat came out.

I feel I'm in the wrong fashion-based calling, clearly should be barking at models backstage at fashion shows.

Anyhoo, it all went down with nay problems and most of the stuff got sold off later. (I scored a soft grey short sleeved Pringle jumper, but currently it's at Matthew's house with a bunch of my stuff cos he were having a house party after and then we went out and none of us can be arsed to go pick up our accoutrements** yet.)

Here's some backstage shots! (Mostly taken before the start of the show, all the models in their first looks....a quick run through, some awesome hair, etc.)

Shall watch out for the official photos being taken and post them up if they turn up, but I have no idea where they'll be!


*yeah, they're only 2 years younger than me. Infact, probably only a year younger cos most of them come from an Art Foundation and I didn't. What's yer point.

** currently my favourite word. accoutrements. ACCOUTREMENTS. j'adore.


Daul Kim; May 31st 1989 - November 19th 2009

She was a face that was instantly recognisable in my eyes; a rare and unique beauty. So sad.
There aren't too many models that I recognise outright and take a shine to just for the way they walk and wear clothes, but she was certainly one of them.

Picture from Vogue Korea.


The world has gone vampire crazy, no? Apparently it's all about ├╝ber romantic vampires with no fangs who sparkle. Not interested, kthnx.*
Gimme Angel or Spike any day. Ahhh Buffy; them were real vampires.

Actually, scratch that, I haven't watched Buffy for aggggggessssssssssss, but I do wear jewellery on an everyday basis. So let's gander at Bittersweets NY!

Designer Robin makes a range of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and charms (as well as the odd paperweight!) from materials including silver, 14k gold, rose gold and white gold, and all pieces are handmade. The line is sold in boutiques in NY, as well as in London and Japan

I love the delicate bangles and the fang rings and necklaces, and the feather ring with such a delicate chain to complete it; so cute.

Let's also take a minute to note the slug charm, which would be perfect for Luke (Paper Slug...)

And also another pair of cool cufflinks, this time in a heart. A much preferred style of heart than the now almost traditional ♥ type affair...
The Bittersweets line is on sale in the UK via Kibiri, and can be found in their stores in Covent Garden, Marylebone and in Selfridges...


*I've never seen, or read Twilight, I don't intend to. If I can escape High School Musical, I can escape this mess. Despite my thoughts on rpattz. Or zefron. Just cos they're hot doesn't mean I'm gonna waste x amount of hours of my life watching them sparkle/dance. I doubt it's coincidence that I also think Kristen Stewart and Vanessa Hudgens are epic douches...

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


I do adore Wild Beasts. Currently this song from their second album, Two Dancers:

Girls from Roedean; Girls from Shipley; Girls from Hounslow; Girls from Whitby
You're a candied queen
And let me show my darling what that mean

Oh, do listen. They are so unique and wonderful (and northern! Well, Cumbrian. Whatevs.), and excellent live - I saw them at Latitude last year. Must see them again.
More videos from both albums?? Yesyes.

birthday suit

This is the only decent outfit shot off of last night.
You can't even see it!
Vintage lace dress from off of my neighbour at home-home, DIY-ed a little. Topshop shoes; various necklaces - including one that Luke got me for a birthday present :D

We went out, for sure, but beforehand Aaron put on a buffet of sorts. Mostly to get rid of food that needed to be eaten.

It was quite the spread - jam on toast, cheese on toast, stuffing balls, chocolate digestives, the lot.

We also sang some Gaga - Bad Romance and Alejandro, specifically - loudly and out of tune; several times. And danced to the latter...

I don't know where the bunny mask came from, but it made the rounds. I enjoy this.

Me, Aaron, Matthew, Hannah. Rabbit mask.

Monday, 16 November 2009

twenty one

you're twenty one, and you're no good

although, i've been 21 for a whole 24 hours now. exciting.
let's celebrate with some songs!

And some Mystery Jets! (from the album Twenty One, see)

Friday, 13 November 2009


Traditionally, I don't think about christmas until after my birthday, but given that that's 2 days away and meaning I have 6 lovely weeks and no money with which to collect pressies for all I figured I better start looking.

Actually, no, that's a lie, I had a present idea for a couple of people and thought I'd see if anything suitable was on etsy when I stumbled across these slices of genius.

This is by Little Angels, and they have loads of 'tache based goodness, as well as some snazzy cufflinks (I've been looking at cufflinks ever since I ebayed my blue stripy shirt, what is a proper shirt what needs cufflinks and everything).

The scorpion ones would be appropriate, non? Good to be a Scorpio.