Monday, 30 November 2009

if only straight jackets were ACTUALLY this awesome.

I'd be signing up for a stint in the asylum; posthaste!

Korean-based menswear craic, yesyes? Vidi wooyoungmi!

And of course, the pictures are pretty small and stuff...but you should FOR REAL check out the website linked above, vaiiirr high res images from this (A/W09/10, natch) and previous collections (just, annoyingly, in flash and too big to grab, oh macbook how i adore your features etc).

Erm, hello...awesome!? I mean, as a menswear collection it's pretty cool anyways, but the knits/jackets/shoulder accoutrements are SO FAR BEYOND AWESOME it's actually ridic.
A little military (epaulettes! medals!), totally unisex, ideal for layering, rendered in so many of my fave fabrics (leather! suede! wool!), and a good heap of asymmetry (♥) thrown right on in there for good measure...

oh my.

I love the colours, the little details, even the complete straight-jacket-esque-ness of it all. I think any of the first 3...or possibly the last one...are my faves. Oh, GOD, I can't even choose.


There's a bunch of stockists on the website, including Selfridges and Vertice in London, Behaviour and King of Greene Street in New York, and Le Bon Marche in Paris, as well as a bunch of places around the Far East, Europe and Canada, but I'm failing to see any online type deals, unless any of these stores stock 'em...course if I find an online stockist I'll link it!!


So yeah, I orig discovered these over at Tom&Lorenzo (which if you are a fan of Project Runway/Mad Men/bitchy gays, you should already be viewing on a regular basis).

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