Tuesday, 31 March 2009


So first post.

A little about myself, i spose - if, perchance, you have wandered here from some god-forsaken part of the interweb, and are not, in fact, someone who knows me.

I'm a 2nd year Fashion student at Northumbria Uni (this makes me 20, fact fans), currently on placement year (for the whoooole of 2009) and living in London where I've been for 2 whole months O_O.
I'm living in Harringay, and working in Kensington (just off Ladbroke Grove, at a company called RTW who supply Topshop, Miss Selfridge, ASOS, etcetc.).
On my days off I am to be found wandering the streets of London town, in my awesome chelsea boots, taking photos of random things and spending too much money on coffee.

Also, I like brackets.
Infact, I like punctuation in general. And smiley faces.

The idea of this 'ere blog, I guess, is part online diary, part keeping my friends back home up to date with my whereabouts, and part ramble about what I'm doing at work/around town/what I'm wearing/what music I'm listening to today. Fun times.

I probably should have started this either at the start of this year, or when I started placement, but I only just thought to do it, so....deal with it.

so, today

I was at work ^_^ and didn't do much of anything...research and stuff, dealt with my scarf project (I am official scarf designer for Miss Selfridge, I'll have you know.), posted something, had the best chicken wrap ever from a cafe on Golborne Road and couldn't finish it cos it was so massive (I have the rest in the fridge for tomorrow, of course).

But I did buy tickets to see my beloved Patrick Wolf in Camden in June.


Clearly excited.
I'm also trying to round up anyone whose free on April 24th, if there are tickets left, for Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Camden Crawl. Don't actually want to see anyone else on the bill. It's Blitz! = awesome.

Here is a nice picture of Mr Wolf. He only serves to jazz up this post a bit, tbh.

Ah, the tiny shorts. At least he's wearing underwear too in this pic, t'were a different story the first time I saw him live, I tells yer.