Monday, 25 October 2010

ankle length.

eurgh, face.
i joined a netball team today. for real.
i own zero pairs of trainers.
this is going to go well.

vintage dress//zara jumper//priceless boots//thrifted blazer//matalan (?) belt

you may recall this dress from last time i went to london, and the jumper is new (along with a grey/cream intarsia number, also from zara, and a pair of vintage armani jeans. score!); and i probably shouldn't have bought any of those things, but i live in newcastle and own, what, 2 jumpers?
it is cold up north.
more knitwear was necessary.

i like floaty skirts with jumpers. yes. a riff on my number one trend for a/w, right?

fyi i'm playing centre. because i am too short to play any other position competently. i believe my words were something to the effect of "if i can't play centre then there's no point me bring on the team..."

Sunday, 24 October 2010

life in iPhone II

i'm back.
here are some pictures.

cardboarded up studio. plus harriet and carl, "hard at work"//
snake eye nails//
clare balancing a beer bottle on her head. why not.//
making patterns with coffee in LDN//
Wolf Gang in Hoxton on thursday night. james (the bassist) used to be on our course...//
Ana is proud of her mustard. there was a Wayne's World quote to go with this pic; i have gone blank//
snazzy wife is snazzy//

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

a la twiggy.

what better way to end the week of 'colour theory' than with a bright, primary coloured editorial?

Egle Tvirbutaite by Micaela Rossato for Vogue Latin America October 2010

complete with miu miu, valentino, oscar de la renta, lanvin and a spot (groan) of leopard print against bouncy castle backgrounds. makes me smile; especially that last shot of the pink dress!

and now i'm off to london/lincoln til' saturday; so likely no posting!

Monday, 18 October 2010

colour theory: red

last day. and i didn't leave the house...
(you can see a weeks worth of colour
here, of course)

vintage jacket+belt+cardi (worn backwards)//ebayed dress//office shoes

...but if i had left the house, i would've donned the jacket+shoes from the second pic, see?
major 70s vibes. and now, i'm really into two-toned colour - not just in the contrast of my hair, but the way i contrast 2 shades on my nails, and like here, where the reds compliment each other but are different...

Sunday, 17 October 2010

life in iPhone I

in the vein of white lightning & daisy butter; regardez:

autumn leaves out of my window//
my dissertation tutor's door. KRAMER ♥ //
brownie+hazelnut latte in heaton perk//
big ol' pile of books/DVDs/magazines in need of reading/watching.
(i watched I Love You, Man, have finished Celebrity & Power for uni and am reading Brideshead Revisited for funsies)//
crocheting a dress. believe.//
saturday night = homemade chinese. and chips. TV. crocheting. M&Ms.//

last colour theory en route. like, tomorrow morning. red, red, red.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

colour theory: blue

day 6! in which i go to see the social network (it's very good; do go see it) and "accidently" buy shoes. this is, essentially, a before and after shot.

vintage (and DIYd) trousers+burberry coat//primark socks//dorothy perkins/office shoes//
thrifted shirt//jewellery H&M/vintage//DIY scarf

full on man repelling today.

truth be told, i could've done a blue week. granted, the shoes and coat would have been an everyday fixture, and the denim shirt would probably have made it into 5 out of 7 outfits, but i have a lot of blue clothes. probably rivalling black, in fact.

these shoes were in the Office sale - and were a bargain, espesh with student discount. they were, in fact, in the sale last month, before loan times, and i couldn't afford them, but the sale came back around, as did the shoes in my size. sadly the elastic grey wedges and the black buckled flat brogues weren't in my size, and the various other shoes i was lusting after weren't in the sale. brb, off for an ebay trawl.

Friday, 15 October 2010

colour theory: yellow

or yellow/gold?

vintage skirt+fur collar+bird brooch//H&M socks+jacket//ebayed shoes//primark cardi//matalan (?) belt//rings topshop+vintage

you can't see the bird brooch, but it's there, honest. right on my chest.
working my best joan holloway/mad men today; sacheting about the studio... good times.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

colour theory: green

i know, i've already done olive green. whatevs, this is much brighter and the most colour i think i've ever worn in one go. also; SO MUCH FUN. i recommend donning as many shades as possible to anyone who needs cheering up.

vintage dress//H&M shirt//new look cardi//peacocks boots//charity shop coat+hat

my, i do look smug about being green in that first pic. oh dear.

note, burn mark on arm; still nasty. slightly less nasty than before, but still nasty.

colour theory: purple

i did, of course, mean to post this last night but got caught up in crocheting. yes, really. you'll see.
yesterday's outfit; purple themed...

vintage dress+jewellery+belt//ebayed jumper+shoes//h! by henry holland cycling shorts//H&M tee

i actually managed to squeeze 4 shades into this, if you can see my nails (2tone, Models Own lilac and purple grey..). course the awkward photo trend continues (open your eyes, woman), but i'll manage. this week needs brightening up, i think! i seem to have a lot of muted shades of colours, but nothing bright. hmm.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

colour theory: white

well, white and cream...

vintage dress+Burberry coat+gloves (in hand)//ASOS boots//topshop skirt (underneath)//
H&M tee+tights//primark necklace//H! by henry holland cycling shorts

well, white and cream and blue. and grey. oops. teacher's note: must try harder.
although my rings matched. even if you can't see them.
though, if i'd worn the big sheepskin coat that i planned on wearing, this would be much more like it. but the Burberry! i think i'm surgically attached to it. also, the military thing with the boots, right? RIGHT?
i'm doing purple tomorrow, and red, blue and yellow at various points this week (it was only going to be 5 days, but i have lots of clothes; what can i say?). 7th colour undecided as yet...suggestions?

Monday, 11 October 2010

colour theory: olive green

i'm conducting an experiment.
a week long blog project in the style of
how the other half dresses.
it's been something i've been thinking about doing, in order to have something write about now the shows are over, but also cos hopefully it'll be fun.
and of course, i am inviting you to join in. though it might be a bit late notice now...whatevs, whatevs.

anyways, i'm gonna try to wear a one colour head to toe every day this week; a different colour per day.
this isn't foolproof, of course. for example, i'm already aware that i could wear all black every day and have a completely different outfit everyday. so no black. but then, i also know i own no red shoes or coats, and i only have black and grey tights.
so, since i'm not gonna run out and buy half a new wardrobe, this isn't going to be a strict-rules affair.

anyway, today was olive green, purely cos i felt like wearing this skirt.

H&M jacket//vintage skirt//topshop bodysuit//primark shoes+cardi//nasty burn mark on my arm D:

see? flouting the rules already. grey bodysuit; mustard cardi. flat shoes; since i was doing no bike riding today (merely going to the shop for eggs.)

and clearly, tweed jackets count as olive green.

no idea what colour each day will be; we will see when the wardrobe opens in the morning, yes?

Sunday, 10 October 2010


vintage boots+blouse+levi shorts+burberry coat//topshop tights//h&m tee//primark socks+cardi (just seen)//models own lipstick

still adoring the coat i got yesterday ridiculous amounts. it goes with everything.
as with an increasing number of the outfits i post here, this was for a food shopping trip...
before which, my lipstick decided to snap. thanks.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

tynemouth market.

vintage coats - lots of leather + fur, plus a £5 rail off camera//
my outfit, plus vintage Burberry coat as found on said £5 rail... vintage skirt+gloves from ebay//H&M tee//primark socks//asos boots//random hoodie
posh jams stall. jam lady liked my nails//
fresh bread stall//
cakes, scones and pies//
heaps of vintage earrings and niknaks...//
...and buttons...//
...and crockery and stuff. all on the same stall//
POLLY POCKETS! i got really excited and started exclaiming "I HAD THAT ONE! AND THAT ONE! to no one in particular. i did have about half of these... oh, childhood.//
two different jewellery stalls//
war memorabilia//
vintage stall + sheepskin gloves. i tried one on; looked like a bear//
a bunch of war photography books//
food haul - fresh bread, scone, raspberry+vodka jam//
Brideshead Revisited and buttons//
little silver + black ring, £2. snake ring, £1

today was a good day.

there was also a woman at one of the vintage-y stalls wearing a huge purple hat with 3 equally huge lilac feathers protruding from it. it was amazing. if she hadn't been busy i'd have got a picture... but she did say she loved my skirt. score!

also, the jam is lush, the coat is amazing, and the rings are awesome. and i bought Elle in town afterwards.
so the plan for the rest of the day is:
a) eat jam... already done
b) do some work
c) watch x factor
d) eat more jam; read Elle and the Vice mag i've had lying around for days