Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Next Top Jenn

Today was a good work day, ohh yes.

Sandra (the print designer!) is was working on some graphic tees with faces, and faces with like really smudges makeup? I can't really describe it without the inspiration photo. But yeah she thought I'd make a good model cos my hair is so bright haha, awesome. 
So she took some photos and got me to put loads of eyeliner on and smudge it, and it was awesome, we took hundreds of photos XD
She said she'll do me a disc of em so I can put them in my project (i.e. upload them here!) so I'll do that when I get em.

All I could think was 'smile with your eyes!', i have watched far too much America's Next Top Model.

Annnnnd I was working on sequin placement designs to be sent to India, which is a big project :)

Annnd then I was a fit model on the afternoon, cos Eudald got me to try on all the new Topshop woven trousers. I fell in love with one pair, they were beautiful! high waisted, a little wide legged, fitted like a glove, gorgeous. 

AND I got some more free clothes XD good times all round, says I.

Sunday, 26 April 2009


After the crawl on Friday, I managed to get up early yesterday and get myself to Portobello Market...I wasn't particularly impressed though =/. I suppose I should've walked all the way up and down it, but I didn't see anyone worth taking a photo of, and no clothes I particularly wanted! Got a brooch, a necklace and a faux fur tail too, which I swiftly attached to me jacket.

(Vintage hat from Best Vintage, brooch from Portobello, vest free from work, blouse from Traid, jacket
from charity shop, jeans from Topshop, flats from Primark, fur tail from Portobello)

It is an awesome accessory! I put it on my tweed jacket later, it looked very Dolce & Gabbana A/W 08. Country and that. I think it was D&G...I think it was A/W 08...I dunno.
But yeah, after Portobello I went to Oxford Street, and got stopped outside Topshop (again!) by a lovely Australian guy who a) said I looked funky and b) said he represented an extras and modelling agency. He gave me a card, took my pic and my name and number, and yeah. Citin, I spose...

And then, then it was the night of Laura's French non-boyfriend Nico's new game launch...
So we went to Laura's new flat first (it is lush.)

And we danced, and took stupid pics, and got dressed, and her housemate made Cosmos and we all got a bit tipsy, and then had to attempt to get to soho. Bryony's bladder nearly burst on the way, haha. Bless.

Nico runs a website...game...thingy called Miss Bimbo atm *shrugs* hadn't heard of it till we met him, but yesterday was the launch of My Queen which is, I believe, a game based on drag queens (as you do.). So Jodie Harsh DJ-ed, ace!

And now, a bunch of photos.

The actual launch....

And Nico in his best drag queen get-up, obvs. (Borrowed Laura's Tshirt, among other things, ahaha).

We all bought new shoes for the occasion, haha, although Bryony and Laura's were both Topshop-ers, in the sale XD.

A sparkly man. Observe my awesome hat! It came from ebay, yesterday morning.

Jodie Harsh, DJ-ing away.

My and Bryony (in Nico's wig) dancing to Poker Face. I do not know why our dance mostly resembles Vogue-ing...

And finally, the moment I realise purple hair is not for me. :(.

Good times, although the bus back was horrible. But at least it was cheap. :).

Am off to see 17 Again with them two now; Zefronnnn! Best get up/get ready, sposed to meet them in Holloway in an hour. Not even out of bed, been too busy watching Sex & The City.
Tut, tut.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Yeah! Camden! Yeah! Sunburn!

I did not see most of the bands I circled. Oh dear.

Yesterday was vair hot, a little too hot, certainly too hot to be out without suncream and then sit in the sun for 2 hours to get a wristband to the Yeah Yeah Yeah's portion of the crawl.

But evidently, that's what I did.
Now my arms are red, right up to the shoulder. And a bit on my chest, and the top of my back. :(.


But YYYs were AWESOME aaaaahhhh! etc.
Went *actually* mental when they played Date With The Night.
Actually. Mental.

I was sat with Harriet and Ashley for ages in the queue and then they decided to go see the Enemy instead (would you dare.) so I was all on my ooooowwwwn etc from about half 5. Luckily I met randoms in the queue for the Roundhouse - as is the way of these things - in the form of Matt and Tim who were awesome and very much a laugh. Have clearly stolen some of Tim's pics off facebook for this post.

So yeah, The Virgins were on first.

They were alright, did a cover of Squeeze which was ace.
Anddd then came the YYYs :D

Ahhhh awesome. I tried ringing Aaron AND Luke during their set, neither of them picked up. SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO PICK UP, PEOPLE!!!

Anddd then we walked back through Camden and caught some random punk-y band playing outside the Hawley Arms...

..and we saw Madness playing on top of a bus!...

...and the people who lived next to it were clearly loving their lives at this point.

Annnnd then we wandered (for quite some time) and wound up at the Black Cap to see S.C.U.M. who sound a bit like the Horrors and look a bit like Prince (well the lead singer anyway). Ace.

And thennn we went to Underworld to see Kasms, which is Rory from Testicles new band, and features one of Matt's friends (who is in fact an IT teacher, ahahaha, class.).

The lead singer was awesome, in a Jemima Pearl capacity. They were a little Be Your Own Pet-esque, actually. Not as good though, sadly, cos theyve got all the ingredients. Hmm.

And yeah, that was it, knacked by that point tbh, so I came home and slept ^_^. Good times.

Oh! And this is what I was wearing yesterday!

(Jacket from charity shop, top from work, vintage dress from Beyond Retro, vintage boots from Absolute Vintage)

I got stopped in the queue for the Roundhouse, by a woman from the Asos group, and I was all "I work for one of your suppliers!" and she was all "Really, which one?", "RTW?" , "Oh yeah!! You know Kasia?!", "Yeah, yeah course!" "Haha, awesome".....etc
It was ace.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Hayfever :(

So despite the fact I've never suffered from hayfever before, I currently have a blocked nose, aching sinuses and crusty eyes when I wake up in the morning. Lovely.

And sadly, the last two days have been placement-filled, so I couldn't even just curl up in a ball and watch tv till it went away :(
Although there isn't much craic from these days, I kind of just drifted through them =/ oh dear. Hopefully will have pepped up a bit by next week! I hope so anyways, this weekend is plan-filled, I better be well enough for it (there will be posts, I shan't spoil the suprise.).

I spent far too much money at the start of this week, mostly on ebay =/ new burberry coat, to replace the one which was too big (which i sold last month for extra moneys), leather jacket (which is love), a bowler hat (ohhh yes!), and 2 pairs of boots =/. Oo and some new jeans (!) from Topshop. Mostly the ebay stuff has gone to Newcastle - it'll be like my birthday! AHH IM EXCITED, ONE WEEK!  

If Gemma gets her own way I'll be adding a pair of shoes to that mix, but I think I might hold off for now, I dunno. Theyre £110! Well, £99 with ye olde student discount. But there are some similar ones on ebay for muuuuch cheaper *strokes chin* I'll see, I'll see.

I need to check that list of things to do when I get money! I know book europe trip is one of em, but I haven't gotten around to that yet =/. I will, at some point. I do really want to go!

This post has no pics :( this is sad. But....I'm too lazy to go find some so deal.

I'm off to fill the Lost-shaped hole in my evening with chocolate and Winchesters*. 

*errrm gonna watch Supernatual, innit.

Monday, 20 April 2009

A Very Messy Weekend

And by weekend I mean the hours of 3pm Saturday to 3am Sunday morning. Any time preceeding this was sitting around waiting for confirmation we were going to the fair and any time afterwards was spent curled in a ball in bed, ill. 

We went to the fair in Finsbury park! Awesomes.
We had hotdogs, and candyfloss:

Me and Bailey demolishing some 'floss

We went on rides:

Ta Bryony for taking t'photo

And then we had ice cream and Bailey took the best pic EVER:

And then I stepped in a muddy puddle :(

Then we went to Camden....

I remember going to the cocktail bar, and talking to some random Australian guy about Australia, and getting a cosmo, and getting into Underworld, and getting a glass of wine (to go with the 3/4 of a bottle I'd had at Bryony & Laura's beforehand), and I remember dancing like an absolute boob when they played Slow Hands.....actually that's most of it, isn't it. I remember Bryony and Graeme going home early (tut.) and I remember leaving, and Laura and Harriet getting a Subway, and I remember getting home too. So yeah. Actually considering the amount of alcohol, I did quite well (although I did put a hole in my skirt with my nail. Bad times.)

I assume this was during Interpol, I can't think many other bands would make me break out the air guitar =/

*clearly stole all these pics of Bailey's facebook, my camera battery has died so it's charging and I cba to wait around for it :P

Friday, 17 April 2009

today was made for interpol.

Grey cloudy days, possibly raining, but certainly with the distinct possibility of rain; walking (or driving) through the city, with the tall buildings disappearing into the low clouds.

THAT is where Interpol songs fit, that's where they are at home, that's where they deserve to be played.
That's when I fell in love with them, listening to them in New York when it was cloudy and rainy for the whole 5 days. And today was the same, in London, and the ipod begged to play them. It was perfect.

So today I got my CVs printed off, got the bus to Dalston, went to find Christopher Kane's studios. Got to the address I had, it didn't say anything about them being the right studios anywhere :(. Did the same for Luella, nothing. I posted both letters but I don't even know if they're the right addresses so if I do hear anything back I'll be amazed, quite frankly. Might wait til nearer the time, I assume more designers will be looking for interns as they were in February and I can get something last minute.
Proper wanted to go to Christopher Kane. Or Luella, goddammit.

Ooo, I had my leather skirt on today, observe:

(Reallly old cardi from New Look, top from work, vintage skirt & boots from Absolute Vintage)


So after wandering around east London looking for designers and having not much luck, I ofcourse wandered in the direction of the wonderful Brick Lane XD.
On the way, I found another shrub!

Brilliant. Literally the best graffiti ever. (I realise that the first Shrub was never recorded within this blog, but it is in my Facebook photos - it's near where I work, on the side of the train tracks near Westbourne Park tube, FYI.)

I finally found Beyond Retro! (it was further down Cheshire Street. n00b.) Bought a dress. And a skirt.

'kin poser.

=/. But fierce on both accounts, no?
I dunno whether to take the skirt up or not, but I'll leave it til I get back to my sewing machine. It's alright at this length, I quite like it. Needs an iron though.
(Clearly too lazy to take off my top to show yer the dress, It's strapless nods. And see how versatile! XD.)

It has occured to me that I have too many clothes (counting the ones still up north, too). I tried to clear out some stuff here but I actually do wear & want to keep pretty much everything - I shall be bringing a couple of things up for yer, Kim, in a couple of weeks :D Promise! I think the big clear out will come in July when I get back up there. Hiya ebay.

I also bought a ticket for the Friday of Camden Crawl (next week). Cos the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are playing XD. It's little wonder I have no money, frankly. Need to stop spending. DAMN YOU LONDON! DAMN YOU WITH YOUR TEMPTATION! etc.
(V excited for next friday though, tbf.)

So yeah, after BR, I wandered to Cafe 1001 and did some Italian learning. I now know how to pronounce all the letters of the alphabet, including when they're next to other letters in words (anyone who knows any italian hopefully knows what I mean), and the days of the week. Need to learn to roll my r's properly though, since that's how an r is pronounced in italian.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

la paio di scarpa, sono bello!*

The last two days I've been in the office (XD), mostly sketching stuff up for Asos - so much work! - and somehow managing to buy some shoes from aforementioned website.
They are lush.

They arrived this afternoon, while I was out.

Was going to go to Dalston and Shoreditch and eventually that old faithful of places, Brick Lane.
The idea was to swing by Christopher Kane and Luella and drop CVs in the the vain hope theyll take me on for a month or so over Fashion Week in September. Cept the cable was missing for the printer and I couldn't print out said CV's, so I guess that'll have to wait for tomorrow :(

So instead I thought 'I'll get on a bus and see where it takes me' - I ended up in Muswell Hill, which is a nice place, and had lunch at a Greek restaurant which had the most awesome lampshades (I was mega inspired by them, you can't usually say that about a lampshade):

I had a very tasty salad, a tiramisu (lush), and a mocha (also lush), ta for asking.
And then I nipped round the charity shops, and bought 2 books - one a book about the fashion industry (I can read about it, not just live it XD), and one a book on learning Italian. I thought earlier this year I might try and learn a new language, and this was one of the ones I thought about (I'd also like better French skills plzkthanks).
It may or may not have taken about 5 minutes to translate the title. ¬_¬.

So the shoes! Yes.

(Cardi stole from Luke, top from work, skirt from Topshop, via ebay, shoes from Asos)

Clearly sexy, yes?

*Translation: 'The pair of shoes, they are beautiful!' - incase you were wondering.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Let's Drive To Brighton On The Weekend

So, I spent Easter weekend with Andyroo ^_^
Well, Friday night to Sunday night. I spent all day Friday, and today, watching Supernatural and Mad Men over and over, interspersed with a little Peep Show since I got all 5 series for £17 from Fopp on Saturday. Good times.

Saturday we went into town (city. whatever.) and saw The Boat That Rocked, which was pretty good. Aceeee tunes (Yardbirds! eep!) and cute boys. Tom Sturridge?... 

...err, hai, gorgeous much? Oof. (And The Internet informs me he's best friends with Robert Pattinson. Now that's a good looking bunch of friends, right there.)

Sunday, we got up late (actually we did Saturday too but...yeah) but decided to drive somewhere and that somewhere, it was decided, should be Brighton. Cue playing Bloc Party on the drive down XD.

& some more feet, for your viewing pleasure.

We walked along the front, we wandered round the pier, we lost a fiver on the 10p slide-y machines (you know the ones, the criminally addictive ones...) and had ice cream, we skimmed stones on the sea (well, he did, i did one and then lost the gift and they all just plopped into the sea. Bad times.) and then we went home. Well, it was 5pm by the time we got there!

And now, while I wait for another Mad Men to load, I'm listening to some R&B tunes, and reminiscing about my life circa 2003, when I proper loved this music.

Good weekend, it was. 
Vair good. 
I didn't even have any chocolate eggs til today!

Friday, 10 April 2009

3 days?!

I have not blogged for, I mean.

It's out of laziness, not busy-ness - I've been catching up on the newest season of America's Next Top Model, and last night was all about Lost. Which is clearly awesome. I have theories, debating emailing The Lost Initiative with em. 
If you are a Lost fan, watch that. And then search facebook for the group. obvs. Geeky Tom is clearly a legend. (Although theyre all pretty good)

So last 2 days I've been at work, but not done much of anything, really... (although I did get literally a sainbury's bag for life full of free clothes, some of which are coming up north with me in a few weeks for kim/anyone else who wants them XD) 

And on Tuesday, I had quite an interesting day.
Went to the Horniman Museum (eh, I've had enough of museums at this point so...yeah.) then got the train back to Charing Cross, went to Trafalgar Square and sat on nelson for dinner ^_^. And then I wandered into soho to look for fabric shops - there were some, but none which had like, everything. =/. I want to find somewhere where I can ask for some decent swatches so I can have some sort of fabric reference book, is that too much to ask? Meh. I finally found Beyond Retro, too. It was alright *shrug* I like Absolute Vintage better.
Well, I found the BR in soho, apparantly the one near Brick Lane is further along the street I thought it was down, I just didn't go far enough. Meh.

I better add some pics to this post, liven it up a bit and that.
So I was using the new Google photo thingy, you know what I mean, yeah? Looked up some places:

Home; London

Work; London

Brick Lane - looking down the street which holds Cafe 1001 (♥) and Rough Trade

Camden Market/Lock

Home; Newcastle

COOOOOOOP! etc. I miss Newcastle :(

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

My Mam Forgot The Ace Title :(

She was on the phone just before I started this blog, and she said something proper funny, and I asked her what it was again when I got to this page and she had forgotton. BOOHISSBOO.

So anyway.


Wooo! If you saw the london paper today, I was in it, see ^
The housemates were like 'ahh we know her!', rofl.
Very citin. I have a copy, shall be keeping that to show off to anyone who asks, clearly.

So today I went to Brick Lane (i.e. 'i dunno where to go! shall wander round the east end looking for cool people/inspiration from vintage stuff')
Sadly, going to Brick Lane is not a good idea when a) it's full of vintage shops, b) you love vintage stuff and c) you have no money.

Needless to say, I bought a red jacket and a brown leather skirt - oh yes.
In my defence, I've wanted a red jacket for ages. And the leather skirt is buttery soft and fits perfectly. So nerh.

I also tried on these mustard suede shorts - PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET! Please advise, should I go back and get them? They were rather fantastic, if a little bit mental.

I can't decide.
I left em, in the end. *shrug*

I was going to try to show you the awesome cakes I got yesterday from the Turkish (i think) bakery! But I forgot to take a pic of yesterdays, so you'll have to make do with todays:

They are beautiful.
And today, I was in Absolute Vintage (which has, apparantly won the 'Best Vintage Shop in London' award, or something) and they had a newspaper clipping which was on about the
best 100 shops in the world - fact! - which also mentioned Yasar Halim (said Turkish bakery). Woo!

*My internet stopped working before I could post this on Monday night, so it is now Tuesday morning. And I am listening to Ricky Martin? Random, itunes, too random. Off to have more adventures now!