Sunday, 29 May 2011

12 Questions.

One of the blogs I read, Alice Vincent, posted this this week. For those too lazy to click through, 12 questions from a young journalist:

1. Will not knowing enough about the news eventually catch up with me?
2. Is it a problem if I can’t really name my ideal publication to write for, and even waver a little at the general area?
3. Will I ever meet anyone aside from my sister who agrees with me that landing a job at Heat magazine would be a bit of a dream come true for a couple years?
4. Are some people intrinsically better at freelancing than others?
5. Is it wrong that I’m quite happy working for someone else rather than striking out on an entrepreneurial mission?
6. Do I talk about journalism too much to people who are actually only pretending to care?
7. How many magazines should I be subscribed to? Which important ones am I not reading? Which are going to change my life now the same way Vice and NME did when I was 15?
8. Should I have stronger theoretical and political viewpoints? Would these make me a better journalist or blinker me further?
9. When am I going to stop caring so much about Twitter?
10. Are we going to be feeling any more secure about the industry in five years’ time? Should I just give up and become an embittered A Level Literature teacher now?
11. Are interns ever going to be paid properly?
12. Am I genuinely shortening my attention span by keeping a gazillion windows and Tweetdeck open at all times? Will this turn me into a jittery moron unable to read anything longer than 1,000 words eventually?
I found it relatable, even out of the journalism realm.

Some of these can be directly, or almost directly, applied to my situation; the soon-to-be graduate fashion designer - I'm looking at you, numbers 2 and 11.

There's a very real worry of not finding a job, and therefore the worry of having no money to relocate and being stuck in Durham until the end of eternity; wondering if I'm good enough for such a competitive industry; wondering if I should be spending less time on Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr/reading blogs/looking for the perfect grad ball dress on ebay* (the answer is always yes, I should be spending less time on those things), among other things.

Maybe I should stop worrying.
I'll worry about all that in a week and a half's time, maybe.
Northumbria's GFW show is one week and 3 hours away and I have a collection to finish. See y'all there, yes?

*I still haven't found it. I have 3 weeks. I had a nightmare that it was a week before said ball and I was still sans dress, and this is starting to look like a probable situation. Eep.

Friday, 20 May 2011

things that fly.

it's done.
almost a year of work (and a lot less blogging on my part) finished yesterday with the final show at the baltic.
i'll be adding pics as people post them on facebook etc (i took a video of my collection - at the bottom of the post - but no photos)


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

ding ding

fame at last

that's my online portfolio malarky
and that's where i've been for the past, err, 6 weeks,

doing that.
oh, and making a collection.
which is not yet finished.

so... back to the silence until after may 19th (when you can expect the exact opposite of silence. LOUD NOISES AND SHOUTING and lots of posts about northumbria 2k11.)

apols for lack of photos. i was going to put some "sneak preview" pics on, but... cba.