Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Last Week's Antics

Involving Lincoln timez and beach timez (pre-Josh-getting-sand-in-my-camera timez...)
I'm currently booking my 'dam hostel (50 euros for 3 nights; WIN) and am a strange/wonderful mix of super nervous/super excited. DWQOUFHEWCNQWJGREHFWOAIVB.

Still no recommendations of places to visit! Gee thanks guys! Good job I have the Internet/people who have lived in and/or visited certain places I'm going to... Hmm.


Lincoln was 2 days of fishbowls, massive hills (MASSIVE), leaf friends, Heroes, catching up and AWESOMENESS. I do love Lincoln. I shall return at some point. Probably next semester?? idk. I'm glad Ana has the Internet now, she should do a blog.

I had the cheesiest chips ever after this night. Mega cheesedreamz. I love cheesedreamz.

Yeah; during picnics, we punch holes in leaves and then draw faces on them in liquid eyeliner, cos we're AWESOME like that. We also get harrassed my ladybirds. And see the most awesome old workmen sitting on the Tennyson statue by the Cathedral! Love for these guys and their staring in my general direction during this pic.

Returned on Thursday to rush around before seeing Florence and having a night out; then a house party on Friday; then a beautifully and unseasonably warm day on Saturday which resulted in "LET'S GO TO TYNEMOUTH". It's lovely having friends who have cars, really.

Luke & Josh like climbing on rocks, evidently.

The MOST AWESOME rusty can! I don't know why I found this fascinating, but....I did.

Chillaxing on a rock. J'adore this semi-sheer striped shirt, a lot. Tied around my waist; it's actually pretty long. All stripes, love.
So, I'm all caught up now! I'm gonna try to keep up the Fashion Week posts, cos there's only Paris left, but it depends what time I have. Perhaps there'll be a round up of sorts at some point? Le shrug.
I'm definately taking the ol' laptop for blogging/photo uploading/iPod charging needs, so read on, read on.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Holland Hotness (and other recent outfits)

Gratuitous recent outfit post. New camera (a week and a half after the last one....lucky to have insurance. They just replaced it, no questions asked. AWESOME.) means new uploads! So certainly more posts, needing to be bashed out before Wednesday!

Worn, respectively, to a local gig (heels are allowed at these, because it is expected that you'll be able to sit down...), out and about in town (and for that meal at stateside...), to see Florence last Thursday, and for the interview at Trend Bible on Friday.

Burberry coat; thrifted lace vest; vintage/DIYed bra thing;
skirt from RTW; Topshop ring, Primark socks, Peacocks (?) shoes
Custom made/eBay leather jacket; French Connection jumper;
vintage slip; House of Holland tights; ye olde black suede courts

I love pinning this slip in different ways and layering it with different things. So versatile ♥
These tights, not a lie, I wore for like 3 days in a row. I'm in love. There are holes in the toes already. :(.

Thrifted dress; H&M necklace; vintage belt; Topshop vis RTW leggings; Peacocks (?) sandals

I got many a compliment on the dress and sandals at Stonelove after the gig, muchos impressive was the fact that the dress was a charity shop find...apparantly Freshers don't know of the awesomeness off such things yet.

DIY (for a uni project, actually) shirtdress; Topshop via RTW skirt, Primark belt; F21 via shoptoast shoes

I was feeling hawt in this outfit. Hope I get it! Had to change shoes after the interview...


OK, so here it is: the itinerary. Dates with a / mean I haven't decided where to stay for how long yet...

Sept 30th - Leave Newcastle
Oct 1st - Arrive Amsterdam
Oct 4th - Amsterdam > Brussells
Oct 5th/6th - Brussells > Berlin
Oct 9th - Berlin > Prague
Oct 11th/12th - Prague > Milan
Oct 13th/14th - Milan > Rome
Oct 17th - Rome > Barcelona
Oct 19th/20th - Barcelona > Paris
Oct 23rd - Paris > London
Oct 26th - Back to Newcastle!

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for anyone to recommend me places to go in these cities! I'm looking for museums, places to eat, landmarks, markets, shops (but nothing too expensive, I'm on a budget here.)

S/S 10, Part Otto

I'm coming round to the Italian way of thinking....I blame it on learning the language.
I like a lot more of these collections than I thought I would - Fendi was a suprise, enjoying Dolce & Gabbana (ESPECIALLY THE SHOES) and really into Etro. Vidi:

Dolce & Gabbana
Loose lace and net connected to the traditional shoe shape with ankle ties somuchloveitsgoingtobehardtochooseapairbutiamindesparateNEEDofthem

The clothes are nice too, yknow. Lacey, which I enjoy, but very VERY wearable (in fact the first one is something I could almost put together from my own wardrobe...). LOVELOVELOVE the 4th look, lots and lots, and the denim with lace works well on this dress (I wasn't loving it on another look with a jacket and...skirt? or shorts...? It looked cheap and tacky there but here it's cute, no?)

OoooOOOooo, drapey and nudes and greys and flashes of orange (LOVE the skirt in the first look) and sheer blouses (I just bought a polka dot vintage one from one of my ultimate favourite charity shops) and uber sexy jumpsuits and YUM.

I fell instantly in love with the first look, I'm pretty sure it's perfect AND it perfectly sums up this seasons trends, no? Sheer, slouchy, silky nudes. Much love. Adore the sheer floral loveliness of look 2, too, and LITERALLY EVERYTHING about look 8. ♥
Another I could almost recreate at home, coincidently...

Maurizio Pecoraro
The only look I enjoyed from this collection, but I do very much like it so it deserves to have a place here - it's a new take on the twinset coupled with brocade hotpants maaaan! What's not to love??

I'm literally just loving the shoes/socks combo at Marni...the socks have an awesome sheer quality to them too. Le sigh.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

S/S 10, Part Sette


I'm not even a massive fan of the Italian style; often too OTT and brash, and I will note that the Versace show merely emphasised this - NOT. A. FAN. Which is an epic shame after the Resort collection I enjoyed heartily....

So this is the last 3 days worth? (well 2, I wasn't wowed by Day 1's efforts) which means I'm up to date! Wooo!

It's all about the knee high lurex socks; I'm not gonna lie.
But awesome draping and chunky zips mixed with sheers and wallpaper-y prints makes for super awesome. That shade of red (perhaps cranberry?) is gorgeous, especially mixed with creams. *sigh*

Armani && Emporio Armani
I'm lumping them together....

Armani's sea shades are gorgeous, and I fell in love with the trouser-based look instantly (there were a number of similar styled looks, but the colours in this one working together was stunning...)

The Emporio show was a little more loveable! More draping and folding and monochromatic loveliness, with chunky neck adornments a-plenty. Annoyingly from my POV, this was only the middle section of the show (I believe 60+ looks? These were all between 15 and 40, I think) and the end section got a bit neon and nasty.
I'm glad neon seems to be on the way out; I was never a fan. Whole chunks of neon can't help but look cheap, no matter how expensive the piece is. I am a fan of flashes of neon, though - a stripe here, perhaps some lining or piping there; lovely.

A little meh, if not for these 4 looks. If I wasn't sold on the denim shirt already, I am now. And as for the cut out skirts....
Leather shirts are a totally hot idea too. Not sure how awesome they would be to wear, but dammit, wearability is overrated.

Gianfranco Ferre
Mmmmmmm diaphanous sheer nude/white type thingsssssss!

It's becoming increasingly hard to "review" or even "talk about" these collections, you may have noticed. This is what happens when trends (which to my extreme joy appear to be nudes, sheers and layers this season) are EVERYWHERE. There are only so many times I can coo over such details before I give up and let the clothes do the talking...

More white! And grey. And parachute silk tops, hints of aertex and...a rubber hotpant suit? If it is rubber, I applaud the randomness. I also applaud the use of orange, blue, white and grey together in a pattern and very much wish to own the bodycon dress down there. I enjoy the sporty feel to this collection, yesyes.

Those high leg crossover shoes, though. I mean, ♥ , right?

Oh hai; gorgeous mix of pale pink and navy blue!
This is most definately my favourite colour combo of this season. For all the whites/nudes/greys I love so much, pale pink and navy blue is the ultimate combination. Ohhh yes. It helps that the pink trews and navy embellished jacket are badass. And there's another long sleeved bodycon I NEEDWANTLOVE. Hmm.

Jil Sander
One of my faves from Milan - simple, chic, cool, easy, beautiful. That is the magic of Jil Sander - I live for the theatrics but my the simple cool of a Sander collection makes me happy.

....I'm pretty sure no words are necessary. Sometimes, while a collection itself is so-so, on piece will stand out as being superepiclyamazinglyawesome on at least 50 million levels.

All bow down to the chain jacket.