Thursday, 30 December 2010


i know, a post, le shock

vintage dress+fur collar//2nd hand boots+coat//zara jumper//matalan belt//handknit scarf

sos and that, busy with uni/christmas. but for holiday-based trips out for food and stuff, vaguely festive outfits are a must. so, green maxi dress with sparkly top half which you can just see peeking out of the jumper fits the bill, yes? despite the fact it needs an iron desperately. all my maxis have creases near the bottom where i fold them up on themselves in my wardrobe....oh well.

Saturday, 18 December 2010


as in these photos are blurry
not as in the britpop band

last couple of weeks of term; busybusy. not my main excuse for not blogging though (computer problems and having nothing of note to post, since you're asking. never fear, i have a new hard drive and everything is back as it should be, and i am definitely still wearing clothes so both are covered.)

here is an outfit.

ebayed bowler hat+jacket//zara jumper//primark belt//trousers off of placement//army+navy store shoes

plus gloves, plus scarf, minus bike. stupid ice and snow; i've had it out about 3 times in as many weeks; my calves are no longer CALVESOFSTEEEEEEL. boohissboo.

i shall now catch up on a few days of unread posts on my feedreader, while sipping Baileys hot chocolate. tomorrow is fake christmas, and also musicals day, so more of the same, yes?

Thursday, 2 December 2010

let it snow.

as it has been for the past week or so. the snow keeps falling off our roof so we have to pretty much climb over a wall of snow to get from our front door to the path... sigh.
i started out wearing lots of layers with my fur coat and being far too hot (i know, wtf), and gradually wore less and less layers underneath it until I was literally only wearing a dress and the coat (and tights and 3 pairs of socks and wellies, but still).
still too hot.

so today, my next thickest winter coat, plus scarf, plus earmuffs (my ears get significantly colder than any part of me by A LONG WAY.), then lots of layers again.
at least, on the way to uni and during the day; layers much appreciated walking home at 7pm...

coat + wellies from ebay//charity shop shirt//zara jumper//vintage shorts//
ear muffs were either a present from my friend or i borrowed them from her in college and never gave them back. let's call them stolen?//
h&m mittens//asos hand...thing

oh yeah, the hand thing...

literally the first time i've ever seen something on a blog (the blog in question would be 5 inch & up) and exclaimed out loud to no one in particular "WHERE CAN I GET THAT?!? I MUST HAVE IT NOW! IT'S ONLY 12 QUID! I DON'T THINK I CAN AFFORD THAT BUT I DON'T CARE"

thank you ASOS - the S/M appears to be sold out, but note the gaps in the middle/index finger bands; i had to make them myself. all three rings are the same size... i ask you, who the hell has the same size index, middle and ring fingers? the M/L would've been far too big for my ring finger, but the S/M was too small for the other two. not to be beaten, i brought out the scissors (yes, really) and sorted that bad boy out.
thought the slits might get on my nerves by the end of the day, but this slightly less cumbersome than my other (vintage, silver) hand thing and now i have hand things in two colours, so i may be encumbered by hand adornments on pretty much any occasion.