about me.

Jennifer Broom.
Womenswear Designer//Northumbria Graduate 2011//Sporadic Blogger, currently residing in Durham, and trying to escape (again).

I like travelling, books, food, and experiencing things. "Experiencing things" sounds pretty vague but that's the best way I can put it.
This blog has been occupying the internet since February '09, when I was living in London during placement year, and was used for documenting my daily life, for the most part - including the bit where I upped sticks and dragged a slowly dilapidating case around Europe for a month by my onesies. There's a travels tag somewhere; do take a gander if you like pictures of random views of Berlin/Prague/Rome/etc.

I like to think I'm witty and fabulous but it's entirely possible that's all in my mind; in which case I'm not quite sure why you're reading - either way; do enjoy, and do email or tweet at me if there's something you'd like to say or send.