Sunday, 23 January 2011

week old.

last saturday night.
there was a possibility we would end up at legends* so goth boots were a necessity....we did not end up at legends.

vintage jacket+dress+belt+fur collar//2nd hand boots+necklace+ring//h&m ring

Disclaimer: no idea what this pose is or what my hair is doing. the hair looked good on the night though. right? RIGHT?


*renowned northern rock club, non-Newcastlers

Saturday, 22 January 2011

textbook situation

we're talking uni again.
it's all i do right now*

my muse board was missing something; the kind of products she would buy and so on. i mean, i had such a strong muse in mind but it's hard to express "a spoilt heiress with no concept of the value of money, who stomps around her mansion in couture dresses with vintage army jackets and walking boots on a daily basis and doesn't do much but daydream" in visual form.

so when it comes to getting that idea across i really had to draw on my 'comparitive brands' and utilise a little blog-spiration to put some outfits my muse might stomp about in together in the style of textbook**

burberry coat//dries van noten dress//vintage boots
burberry dress//vintage jacket (img from ebay)//vintage boots
3.1 phillip lim dress//burberry coat//vintage boots (img from ebay)

quoth Miranda: such fun!

also: hey new followers!


*apart from the trip to london for interviews/fabric/friends next week.

**if you're not familiar with textbook, shame. SHAME. he's currently guest blogging for fashionista but mainly styles literary characters using contemporary fashion on tumblr and he's fantastic. AND he's been in my blog list over there > for some time.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

the skirt.

everything is handed in.
when loan day and hand in day collide, reward shopping is a necessity.
my friend clare told me 'jenn, there's this skirt in h&m that i saw and thought of you' and so as straight to h&m it was. i'm glad she brought it to my attention...

2nd hand jacket//tee from the internetz//h&m skirt+necklace+rings//matalan belt//priceless boots

they only had a size 6s and size 14s, but luckily since it's only fitted at the waist i could wiggle into the 6. s'all good.

so much for saying goodbye to witchy fall vibes...

Sunday, 9 January 2011

the other elle.

currently listening
the very underrated elle milano (2004-2008)

i can find a mere two official videos on youtube (juliette's dead isn't even on the album. you should seek said album out cos it's awesome) but there are unofficials a-plenty. as well as a version of 'laughing all the way to the plank' from the gig i saw them at this one time in york. exciting...

Friday, 7 January 2011


not ice as in the bane of my life; that prevented me from cycling for so long, and which was finally gone until it did a little snow today; no no; but ice as in ice blue...

blue dress off of placement//shirt stolen off of housemate (he's not getting it back, it's too warm and cosy)//primark tights//h! by henry holland shorts//peacocks boots
h&m bodycon dress//asos boots

two days, two outfits, one dress.
a dress that's been hanging in my wardrobe for almost 2 years and which i've worn approx once in all that time - always a contender for the ebay pile, every time i have a clear out, but always managing to worm it's way back in. i blame the wonderful colour and the quality for this (100% silk panel. believe.)... the elasticated panels at the waist pull weirdly if you just tie the belt at the back, see, but the past two days i tied it at the front. crossover details > weird pulling, of course.
so now, regular rotation.

apologies, by the way, for the stream of outfit posts. i have little else to write about and little time to write about it anyway - first half of my collection work is due on monday (4 toiles, 10 samples, 12 illustrated looks plus technical drawings for each garment, sketchbook, fabric book, muse board+story, philosophy, brief) and dissertation is due tuesday (done. 80 words over the word count. suck it, bitches.), so, yeah. and though i meant to post collection updates on my tumblr, that has also...not...happened...


Monday, 3 January 2011

goodbye 2010.

...goodbye witchyfallvibes. (because january means it's spring soon, obviously)

it was only fitting that my nye outfit was as such:

river island lace body//topshop crop top//vintage belt//2nd hand skirt//priceless boots//ebay+H&M rings

the only thing i hate about house parties is that i always go to the trouble of making a playlist (or at least picking one out...) and then an hour later someone's drunk and wants to listen to a certain song NOW, so they mess up the shuffle and i have to go back and fix it. dammit. why do people not understand my playlist nazi tendencies?

also, parasols are gonna be huge in '11; i can feel it. this picture accurately sums up these two points.