Wednesday, 31 March 2010

how the other half dresses: get your leather on

would you believe it, me and ana have another project.


this one mostly involves wearing clothes and going places though, so it's one we're likely to be doing on most occasions.
the premise is: pick a theme, both don an outfit relating to said theme, take photos.
compare and contrast.

the tricky part? you have to read both wor blogs to see the finished product (well, you do when I cba to go nab her pictures, mmkay?

Monday sushi and shopping times.
theme: leather. (
aka more black that doesn't photog well. i need better light dammit. I CAN'T WORK UNDER THESE CONDITIONS!)

glorious leather jacket; le ebay//h! by henry holland blouse//thrifted dress//
H&M leggings//Priceless boots//vintage cashmere cardi

et voila.
head on over to
wor ana's blog for her leather shenanigans; i shall have Monday night's lace affairs up sometime soon...

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plus one

Not only was it my nephew's 1st birthday yesterday, but it is ventures birthday today too!

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Monday, 29 March 2010

the palladium sound

On occasion, Vice will send me random emails about stuff they've done and affiliates and stuff. That's how Vice roll. That's how being a student ambassador goes.
Often times, this stuff isn't fash related and I'm like...meh. Then there's the times there's an Uncle Karl interview.

Today, there's a video about pirate radio,
here, which isn't on Vice TV, but on Palladium. They also had a video about Berlin a few weeks ago, which of course, I only mention cos errr, I love Berlin. Actually, they have a bunch of awesome videos. One of them is called "The Ruins of New York". I might devote some time to watching some of these older vids...

a mixtape, too, which is epicly not my thing, but if you like grime-y electro kinda stuff, give it a whirl.

But the reason I posted this; the reason I was interested, really, was the shots Vice sent over:

They're like editorial shots, almost (the third one, anyway), and I'm a big fan of architecture and cityscapes, so I find these pretty awesome. And the first shot; the rust and decay was something I looked at in my sketchbook last year. Sweet-ass.

(Also, hey, it's my old friend, that fucking gherkin!)


Palladium also happen to sell boots (flat boots; like Converse but cooler. If I wore flat boots, y'know? These guys.)

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i am no artist; i am an art bitch

vintage Valentino skirt+Sonia Rykiel jumper//ebay parka//Peacocks sandals//Topshop+H&M jewellery

Quick outfit post.
Saturday; sunny equals back alley wall shots. But only one, cos some woman came along and I got embarrassed.
I adore my shadow, btw, I look some crazy old hunchback woman with some sort of tuft-y growth on my back (hair in a bobble...). But you can also see my sunglasses. So it's all good.

I walked 6 and a half miles on Saturday, and went to the Baltic and for coffee and by the library, all obvs very exciting.

So it's approx *looks at clock* 53 minutes til Ana gets here (!!!!!) and we go for Sushi and randomness (!!!!!!) and then we're off out tonight. I will trytry to set up a post for tomorrow, but going out plus being in uni for 10...hmm.

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Sunday, 28 March 2010

inside out

Another designer featured on Style Bubble recently (Dean Quinn was too...), Brooke Roberts is doing interesting things with medical scans and knitwear.

See below:

Clear platform stripper shoes; brilliant! There's a 4th year who was sticking jewels to some of these, as well as glasses frames, to accessorise her collection (btw I do want to take pics of all this work I'm talking about, but I don't really know the 4th years and feel cheeky asking. I'll take loads of pics at the Newcastle show, and probs at GFW too, and those are in May (17th? 18th? something like that) and June (7th? ish?) respectively.

Anyways, love the greys/blacks/whites and the shapes made by the scan here. They look so abstract and interesting - I can hardly tell the original image, but I can see the inspiration at the same time...

Bloggers: why do you write about/feature the designers you do? I write about designers I like/would wear, am inspired by, or who use interesting techniques, which I can reference later or try out for myself (errr, not that I'll likely be printing/knitting medical scans onto knits anytime soon; not my department; yeah?)...

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Saturday, 27 March 2010

i can relate

I took a day off posting for the first time in months; and now I have about 7 designers to write about. Huh.

So, while yes, I SHOULD be flicking through the 4 books and number of websites I have bookmarked for my dissertation proposal right anow, or designing for either of my capsule collections, or doing something to my pattern cutting journal, I am instead, writing about designer
Dean Quinn, who does cool stuff with beads.

Partics wanted to write about him, cos right now I'm spending my Thursdays helping my 4th year, and for the past, ooo, 6 weeks(?), I've been plaiting ribbon and sewing it into little circle/flower-y things as embellishment for her dresses.
Time consuming; painstaking; monotonous....
I have epic respect for whoever sewed all these crazy beads on:

Love the colours here too, though, and while the crazy beaded pieces aren't over-wearable (although I think they could be in the right setting, non?), the drapey-panelled dresses in the middle are pretty cure and throw-on.

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Thursday, 25 March 2010

ifb: Links à la Mode, March 25th

Uncle Karl got included :D

links a la mode


Edited by Fashion Pulse Daily
It seems that across the board, there has been a resurgence in DIY, as we are very much living in a world of 'Do it Yourself' everything; ranging from creating or updating or garments' silhouettes and decorative details to showcasing our own versions of runway looks, virtually styling with tools like Polyvore, tackling self-photography, and of course self-publishing via our blog platforms. We reign supreme in the DIY world on a daily basis, and I only see this trend gaining momentum. The roundup of this week's links is definitely an indication, directly and indirectly, of the incredibly creative, innovative, persevering, motivated folks that are part of the new DIY frontier, and of course, IFB!

As expected, there was a fabulous
round-up of links in the forum as well, all worthy of your eyeballs!

Links à la Mode : March 25th

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Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Having a little bit of writers block/apathy (mostly the latter...), hence a rather swift decline in post quality, if nothing else.
Anyways, I can blame it all on having lots of work to do, so I shall. I assume you've seen the big poof of poofiness that is/was my "ultimate piece", so this is the follow ob - a capsule collection and a sportswear. We have 60 sheets of development to do - most people are doing their capsule then their sportswear, but I'm just drawing and drawing and I'm on 19 pages after 2 weeks of classes so I think it's a safe bet.

A little inspiration.
And a party ring, which, I have deduced, is the PERFECT biscuit.
Low in calories & fat (...for a biscuit), tastes goooood, only 44p for a pack of 20 in Tesco. ULTIMATE WIN.

Some doodles. Crappy iPhone pics; do apologise.
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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

green enough?

ebayed parka//topshop cardi//H&M skirt//thrifted top//vintage boots//random jewellery//DIY'd scarf

I fail at St Patrick's day. Course I'm not irish, so, whatevs. But I cba with dressing in green, so my beloved khaki parka and a green earring will have to suffice.

Yeah, one earring!
I don't wear dangly earrings, like, ever. But one, I can get down with.

Ah, more unphotographable (what? it's a word.) black ensembles...

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Monday, 22 March 2010

the countdown

Part trends to watch out for, I guess, but mostly pieces and looks I loved that I want to be wearing now, let alone when autumn comes around again.

10 - Piece: Shoes at Balenciaga
I guess these are coming down on a love/hate divide all over, but I can't get enough of them.
I think this is my favourite colourway.

9 - Look: Vera Wang
Sheer AND ruffly; styled so it's not too girly. Can not find fault.

8 - Look: Limi Feu
Just too awesome.

7 - Collection: No21
Contemporary, casual. I want to wear these pieces, and I want to wear them POSTHASTE.

6 - Collection: 3.1 Phillip Lim
One of the only LOVED collections that I still love as much; and for the same reasons.

Posting this look from it 'cos it's a pretty good example of the things I loved here.

5 - Collection: Giambattista Valli
So, to write this, I just flicked through my previous AW10 posts. As you will note, very few of the pieces/collections here are from the "LOVED" posts. I guess it's retrospective? Hindsight? After a couple of weeks of not looking at things, I'm not as in love as I once was. That said, Valli's collection still sticks in my mind, and the more I look at the pieces I picked out, the more I love it.

4 - Piece: THIS Dior bag.

Similar to the googly-eyed Giles, but cooler. Gimmicks are cute and stuff, but while both bags would probably get matted evench, at least this one wouldn't also have scratched googly eyes. And it looks so soft!

3 - Collection: Haider Ackermann
SO good; but specifically this look:

2 - Look: Fendi
Drawn to it; can't explain.

1 - Trend: The evening skirt/day time top combo.

As seen almost exclusively in Paris (Or, I only noticed it there), at Jasmine di Milo, Dries Van Noten and Martin Grant respectively. So much love for this look.

Notable mentions: Mr. Pugh's leather-bound wonders; structural peplum-y looks at DSquared and Louise Goldin; big floaty gingham skirt + sleeveless trench affair at Tommy Hilfger. Ouioui.

all pics from

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