Tuesday, 22 November 2011


I've worn this 'dress' before but rarely do I wear it full length. Usually pinned up somehow and drape-y.

I have been wearing it for bed every night since I took these photos. I keep getting too hot though. Remember kids: 70s-tastic polyester makes you sweat, even when you're sleeping.

vintage 70s slip as dress//2nd hand boots+coat+fur//zara cardi//topshop belt+bodysuit (underneath)//h&m necklace

And I don't know why I can't look at the camera.

I didn't even wear the fur outside, I changed into the scarf from the last outfit post. I did get asked if I was cold on Sunday, wearing this (went for a mid afternoon brunch - I know, the very idea is contradictory - and coffee which turned into a beer in an interesting bar before I ran out of money), but it was an almost-summery 7 degrees so, no, I was not.

The cardi I bought with my birthday money, I suppose - it was a mere 15 euros in t'sale at Zara, and the only thing I bought despite trekking my way around two huge Humana stores and H&M as well. Must be getting more picky in my old age.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

rookie hair.

In that, this is both the first time I've tried my hair like this and it was from a tutorial on the Rookie site. I thought my hair wouldn't be long enough and I didn't have any big clips, but it turns out a shit load of bobby pins and hairspray make anything possible.

Zara jumper//2nd hand shirt, skirt, boots+bag//Primark socks+necklace//H&M coat//Reality Studio scarf

The scarf was a present from work for my birthday; I have worn it every day thus far. So snuggly. (Should've been) necessary since I went for a walk (and a little bit of shopping) in 2 degrees of heat. But no, I'm in a light jacket! Must be the northern blood. Two degrees is T Shirt weather in Newcastle. It's supposed to snow on Tuesday; maybe I'll finally need to put gloves on.

Friday, 18 November 2011


I turned 23 on Tuesday.
And on Monday, I met one of my idols - Patrick Wolf - before his gig here.
Thus, it was quite the birthday.

Vidi: (Let's ignore my face.)

I even got a happy birthday. And we mutually liked each others shoes. ♥

Saturday, 12 November 2011


I know. It's been nearly a month.
Not only that, I've had something to post for weeks; I am merely very lazy. Soz blog.

It was literally weeks ago (three, actually. Err. I think) that I worked all weekend at a warehouse sample sale situation - Premium - with a lot of other stores and brands. One that caught my eye (but I couldn't afford, even at sample sale prices. Not because they were particularly expensive, but because I am particularly skint.) was hosiery and jewellery brand kvast.

Their schtick is kitsch printed socks of varying length and vegetable jewellery. You heard me. Those are broccolis and cabbages rendered in silver and gold, respectively. Vidi:

All pics from kvast's site.

Their e-shop is here and they ship worldwide, which is always nice to hear.