Friday, 31 July 2009

If We Ran The Country

Me, Ana and Lauren* had a discussion of much hilarity last night.
It all started with a facebook status of mine - "is having a Fry-filled evening, what with buzzcocks and QI on dave. Yay!"

What ensued quickly became a discussion of how Stephen Fry should be on a tenner.
And then the photoshopping (read also: MS Paint) began (note; not by me!).
So if we ran the country, this would be the currency - the Russell Howard fiver (of which there are two versions), the Fry tenner, the Bill Bailey twenty and the Izzard fifty (plus special edition Sean Lock 'slaaaaag' fifty).

Images 2, 3, 4 & 5 copyright LonRon, images 1 & 6 copyright Ana Eagle Snowdon.

This has been a random, but hopefully hilarious post.
FYI my favourite is the Howard fiver, where he seems to have the Queen's hairdo. XD. I also particularly enjoy how Ana but Bank of 'Howard' and 'slaaahgs' respectively on her notes....

* it feels odd to call Lauren 'Lauren', I always always call her by her full name (Lauren Ronsdale!), or LonRon...

The Multicoloured Dead

I am in love with these colours.

This is "Library of Dust" by David Maisel - these are canisters which hold "the cremated remains of patients from an American psychiatric hospital. Oddly reminiscent of bullet casings, the canisters are literal gravesites. Reacting with their ash inhabitants, the canisters are now blooming with secondary minerals, articulating new metallic landscapes.”

Found at Bring Me Edelweiss, which is one of my favourite blogs - a little fashion, a little inspiration, a lot of awesome non-fashion related findings, and little personal style. A good mix, says I. You can see the original post here!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Baltic Craic

Northerners, regarde:

This is happening at the Baltic this weekend.
To quote their website, "Seripop are 2 people who make prints, record covers, books and, illustrations and other things in Montreal, Canada."
The exhibition will be made up of "silk screen prints to create a unique environment for two performance nights. The installation will be open to visitors to BALTIC on Saturday and Sunday alongside a fanzine and merchandise stall and a film programme to compliment the event". So there.

You can see more info here, but the little snippet of info above includes gig based info. I'd like to go, if anyone has money/is up for it....? But no offers so far, so probably just a trip round the gallery. Which is free, so that's nice.

Lazy Blogging: Things I Love (& Hate!)

As stolen from NOGOODFORME.COM aka one of my daily reads. Home of Beatles and Kinks fangirling and imaginary shopping sprees; hilarious and heartwarming genius; read it now.
This is partially a recap of the past 48 hours, also. Handy that!

I LOVE this clip, sent to me by Ana Eagle Snowdon. As discussed yesterday at great length. Armstrong & Miller's WWII fighter pilots aka chavs. BRILLIANT, isn't it. Isn't it.

It is.

I ALSO LOVE Sean Lock on 8 Out Of 10 Cats. Quote:
"What's the the worst thing about nightclubs?"
"Worst thing?!"
"Yeah, not enough of 'em. Slaaaaaaaaaaaaags"


I HATE when people with pushchairs think they're more worthy of public space than anyone else. Like in the lift, in the car park, we got in last and so were going to get out first and this bloody woman charged ahead with her child and nearly ran us over. Dickhead.

I LOVE the word 'dickhead'. It's such a northern insult. Northerners just swear better. Infact, this is how well we swear - to pronounce dickhead properly, it should be pronounced thusly, and as harshly as possible: "Dick'ed"

I HATE having to wait 'til January to see new Lost episodes, especially given the Comic Con craic. Dominic Monaghan!?!?! Was ist das!? See, it even called for german. And I have to wait at least 4 months for this. Possibly 5. I don't even know the damn month.

I LOVE how Mad Men is back on TV in just three tiny weeks! JOAN MOTHERFUCKING HOLLOWAY IN ALL HER GLORY! Yesssssssss. And Don Draper, who, let's face it, sweats sex.
Also Project Runway!!! WHEEEEEEE!

I ALSO LOVE and recommend wholly, driving down the A1 (any motorway/highway/fast road/whatever) playing Rebellion (Lies) by the Arcade Fire as LOUDLY AS POSSIBLE and dancing. I also love/recommend following this with pizza at Pizza Express and ice cream at any anonymous ice cream stall. With sprinkles.

On the ice cream, not the pizza. Unless that floats yer boat.

I (and Ana) HATE any adverts not involving animated meerkats. Particularly anything promoting hair/beauty/feminine products. WHY ARE ALL THESE WOMEN ANNOYING/IDIOTS?!?!? Arghhhhhh etc.
Like, that one where the woman has fishnets on and then she shaves her legs and then she's like "ahaha I don't need these anymore!" and takes them off and struts on her merry way. Woah, wait. YOU WERE WEARING FISHNETS! Like you can't see hairy legs through fishnets! WHATTHEFUCK.
Don't get me started on that Tampax Pearl advert. It must be stopped.

I LOVE drunk boys who dance like Jarvis Cocker. And Connection: now at Stereo. And fabulous gays who have the male equivalent of my hair* and wear harem pants. Such boys are amazing.

*blonde and asymmetric. Although I believe his is longer than mine. Booo.

I HATE when alcohol makes people forget awesome nights. Not me this week! Be excited for me having all my memories of Monday in tact! Wooo!

I ALSO HATE how my hair is stupidly short after I had to cut the split ends off and now I look like a boy. ;_;.

I LOVE how this gives me an excuse to wear/buy hats to wear while it grows.
This nicely leads into how I love charity shops more than life, especially when I buy the mother of all fabulous hats (post to follow. Although I have to wait for a camera so....hmm.) for £4, and then go into Scope to find they have a sale and therefore manage to get a cropped jumper (which I have been looking for!!), an orange silk vest and a pair of clearly awesome men's chinos which are that slouchy, turn-up kind of awesome for a pound each. A. POUND. EACH. Essentially, that is an outfit for £3. Suck it, bitches.

Charity shop sales, man. That's the meaning of life.

I enjoy that it was hard to think of 'hates' at first and then I got right into it.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Lake District Times

So I was only there for like, 18 hours, but I got in a walk and a meal out, and a nice drive through the hills.
Gratuitous photos! (including some sheep as seen from the train, some rivers and lakes and mountains and shit, a ridiculously cute baby duck, a river up in the hills, and the hills as seen from the car on Saturday.)

I don't really have anything else to add! We were staying on Coniston Water, though.
Although this was the wardrobe in my room, which was FANTASTICALLY 70s.

It inspired me to wear my new shorts on Friday evening.

Tweed jacket. Cos it's the country, and that.

And on Saturday we popped into Barnard Castle and Bowes Museum. I wore this outfit, and tried on this feathery tiara concoction which they had in their inexplicably-placed dress up box in the middle of the art gallery.

I adore my "why am I consenting to photographic evidence of this" expression in the second photo. Ridiculous posing for outfits; yes, posing in accessories held together with sticky tape; no.

Some woman said she loved my outfit too. Err, ta :D

Saturday night I went to Sunderland.
I would write about this, but a) I have no pictures and b) there's nothing to tell. Cept....don't do it.

In other news, I cut off my split ends and now my hair is too short and I actually hate it to the point I'm considering spending money on hair extensions (which I would clearly then cut) until it grows to a decent length. Which will probably be in about 6 weeks. Or less.
I might just wear a hat; it's cheaper.

Us lot are off the Coop Stereo tonight (4 weeks in a row at Connection. Hardcore. Clearly.) so here's hoping it doesn't tarnish the Coop memories *fingers crossed*

Charity Shopping

Throws up gems like this:


Floral maxi dress! I have this on at this actual moment.

Strappy floral dress. And belt with chain, which is literally awesome.

Stripy silk blouse, here with my cream blazer which I just found in my eBay bag...I am keeping it for now. It is too ace.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Also; Bow Down To My Awesomeness.

One of the blogs I read on a regular basis is IS MENTAL.
This post appeared almost two weeks ago - this is how long I've been meaning to post about this! This is what placement reports have reduced me to! Two weeks!!!!! - where was I? Oh yes. This appeared on July 12th: clickity click

Regarde le.....main picture. I need to stop acting like I know French.

So yeah, Boutique leggings for Topshop, which I totally designed. AHAHAHA I am brilliant etc.
Yeah, so not even in the "I drew up the sketch" sense of the snake print oversized crop tee...thing...thats in Topshop also right now, but in the actual "I came up with designs, Topshop picked their favourite, I drew this up, it got sampled, it got bought, I am awesome" kind of way, which is about 56 million types of awesome.


You too can buy a genuine pair of Topshop leggings (it doesn't sound as exciting when I say it like that.) right here if you follow this link plzkthnks.

Amanda of IS MENTAL, if you happen to stumble upon this, ta for the photo. I am too excited/smug to not put this up here, and lord knows when the next time I'll get to feel excited/smug is. :D.

Ahhhh It's Done

The dreaded placement report.
All but finished, needs to be handed in tomorrow and I need one last smidge of info. Well, I hope to get one last smidge of info, but it's not necessary, since this is a pass/fail thing and I've covered everything in the brief.

But you don't care about that! You superficial thing, you.

So instead, here is a rundown of my week.

Coop; RIP.
I got hideously drunk (bottle of wine before leaving the house; and nothing else.).
I don't remember getting off the bus or getting into coop....
...I do remember and am reminded every damn day that I broke my camera and lost my ring, which belonged to my gran and I will never get back.
My little finger feels naked without it, despite the fact I didn't wear it all the time.

Awesome night though, ey?

Actually, lets fast forward a few days.
The next two days were spent finishing off reports and nursing the bruises/cuts I garnered on Monday night (thats one bruise on my knee, one on my elbow, and a massive gash on my arm which I seem to think would've hurt more when I did it....? Fell over on the stage a hefty number of times. It was the wet floor, not the combination of 6 inch heels and alcohol, mmmmkay?)

So today I had a tutorial at uni, which was awesome. Mostly cos my tutor was loving the fact that I loved my placement, ran a blog and was doing a lot of cinema viewing. Good times.
Also went to see Moon with Dean, which was pretty awesome.
Also it starred (briefly, as this was allll about Sam Rockwell, who did put in a stellar performance.) Kaya Scodelario (Effy from Skins. I am going to go ahead and assume I spelt her last name correctly. I probably did not.), and Matt Berry (Bainbridge Dixon/....errrr...the boss in series 3 of the IT Crowd..? I forget his name in that. He is mint though.). These things pleased me.
Go see it, if you get the chance. Preferably at awesome independant cinemas which are awesome. Did I mention I love the Tyneside? Awesome.

Other than that I have been mostly wearing such outfits as this:

Well, when not in pyjamas, you know. I have no outfit pics from Monday. THIS MAKES ME SAD. Not as sad as the loss of my camera/ring though. But I had my leopard print maxi dress on, and it was awesome.


In other news, I'm off to the Lake District for 24 hours tomorrow. I was gonna go tonight but then I had to wait for this info to finish this project......
Photos to follow.
Because I have stolen Aaron's camera.
Because he left it here, and it's a Canon too, and my memory card fits in it.

In other, other news, Aaron is pretty sure he has swine flu. He is at home, thank god, but I'm pretty sure this means it's only a matter of time for the rest of us.
Sadly he has remembered about our "the first person in this house to get it gets a fiver off everyone else" bet, but if the rest of us deny it ever existed, perhaps he will think he dreamt it in a flu-addled dream???
*crosses fingers*

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Stuff I've Spent Money on Recently

Even though I don't have money.


Short sleeve black blouse. And plimsols.

Bright print dress; which I wore for last Saturday's house party celebrating Dean's birthday and my return...*

Sequin tunic dress.

Silver ring.

All bought last Friday and Saturday, and all charity shop finds, bar the ring which was in the Topshop sale.
I'm sick of writing 'Topshop', stupid placement report. *frowns*

* This Saturday night I am left all alone watching TV.....only Aaron is in, and he has company. Boooo!

Friday, 17 July 2009

The Cooperage; the legend.

I'm taking time out from the arduous task of completing my placement report to attempt to save one of my favourite places in the world!

My beloved Cooperage, which has been mentioned numerous times on this blog, is a Newcastle institution, and is without doubt the best club in the north, probably the country, is being closed down, NEXT TUESDAY O_O.
One the plus side, this means there is one more Connection @ Cooperage (I only hope connection finds a new home, for it is the best night out ever. But it won't be the same without the rickety stairs and the ye olde-ness of it all ;_;) before they shut up shop, but on the minus side, there is only one more Connection @ Cooperage...

Me and Aaron have already vowed to get mahhhhtal (as drunk as is physically possible, non-northerners) next Monday in honour of the establishment. Aaron even said "let's get so drunk we die! we'll die in coop!" although I think this is probably a little far. Muchos wine will be drunk before leaving, this is for certain.

There is, inevitably, a Facebook group to save it - I beg of you, even if you've never been, even if you never will, even if you've never been to Newcastle, EVEN IF YOU'VE NEVER BEEN TO THE UK!, join this group. To quote Tesco; every little helps.

The Cooperage, FYI, is a (probably about) 500 year old timber framed building on Newcastle's Quaysides. It is a beautiful building and the fact that it is a public space and a club at that, is so awesome and unique its beyond belief. The reason it's being closed down, I hear, is because of noise complaints from people in neighbouring apartments - what I find shocking here is that these apartments are new, and these people surely knew it was a club beforehand, and yet because the brewery who own Coop aren't fighting them there is every chance that this historic building will be torn down for the sake of some moaning folk who live in shiny modern apartments. SO WRONG.

RIP Coop, we'll always have the memories.

*sigh* back to the report. I want it finished ASAP because I wish to have time to spend a night in the Lake District next week with Mam & Tom...

Photo from

Thursday, 16 July 2009

90s l'amour

Kate & Johnny, found at Le Fashion, some time in the 90s I guess...? I enjoy this photo; but I don't know why.

Aaron Bowman; One Fabulous Bitch


To be fair, Luke is awesome also. I believe this to be Aaron's jumper.

It's quite the experience living with these two and their fabulous-ness.

Aaron was excited to tell me about his amazing matches, too.

We (and Gemma) went to see Harry Potter (at the Tyneside!), and weren't particularly impressed. We decided that was cos we knew what was going to happen but...idk. Malfoy though, looking good. Evidently I like the evil ones.

I did enjoy the scene where Professor McGonagall tells Harry and Ron to go to Potions class, but before she talks to them. Laughing and a bit spaced? Clearly a bit high. Cue amusement.

Ah I have so much to post about that I haven't got round to! I will, I will.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

French Film Viewing; Italian Learning; Cinema Appreciating Moi

That was a long title O_O
And this post is part 'french films are awesome', part 'ode to the Tyneside Cinema'

So this was almost a week ago now, but last Friday was a bit of a culture trip. I went to aforementioned cinema to see Pierrot Le Fou (aforementioned French film). It was pretty awesome, very colourful and graphic and interesting, and as such I'll probably be making more trips to the cinema in the near future. I do get a weekly newsletter after all! 
I'll be there tomorrow for Harry Potter with the rest of the house, so yeah. And I want to see Moon too so maybe next week...
At this rate I'll spend all of my money on the cinema ><

Oh and I found this poster outside the cinema and lol'd:

Why, you ask? Because, THE GHERKIN IS STILL STALKING ME. This time from movie posters. XD.

So, this cinema, is awesome. It's a listed building, and it's all art deco and amazing.
If you are a northerner and you've never been, I demand you go RIGHT THIS SECOND. I don't care what to see! It's about 3 billion times better than the multiplex cinemas, and it's cheaper, and it shows more interesting films (although often not the biggest releases, unless they're action based, for some reason. No Bruno here!).
And it has my favourite cafe in the city centre; second favourite in Newcastle; at the bottom.
AND it's down a bit of a back street.

Down the alley...

Inside the cafe, where I did molte italiano.

Seriously. GO NOW.