Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Resort 2010; Part One

I figured I should post about the resort collections at some point, although I am about 3 weeks behind.
These posts are in order of favourite collections (ish) so this is ones I liked a few pieces from...
Some I like from an inspiration point of view, some from a 'I'd wear that' point of view, some I just like but can't explain why. Which isn't much good for a blogger but yknow.

Basso & Brooke

Gorgeous bright prints here...


Cute shapes.
Cuter shoes! I love the mix of stripes in the second pic.


I loved the beach setting! Karl is a legend. That sheer full length coat is fit. XD.

Christopher Kane

Yeah, everyone's going mental over this one *shrugs*
I am a Kane fan, but I'm not in shock and awe over this (much like Balenciaga S/S 08, I remember my textiles teacher being like "IT'S AMAZING".....yeah, it's interesting, not mind blowing.)
Anyhoo, I liked this printed dress - the more abstract ones worked better IMO. And the grey and black mix...much love for that.
The printed shoes are pretty awesome though.

Doo Ri

It's all about the colour combos here. That mix of blues = ♥ .

Isaac Mizrahi

Clearly he's been too busy presenting The Fashion Show (which I am watching avidly to tide me over til Project Runway returns.) to send out anything *too* interesting. But....the neon and flesh tone mix is so unusual, it just works. And that polka dot dress! If I can find a pale chiffon with dark dots I may have to whip up my own version.

Jason Wu

It's the light printed blouses and dresses; so cute.


I just love the layering here. I am ALL about layering. Hence not being a particular fan of summer; it is too hot to layer.

Sonia Rykiel

I only really included this because of the socks.
Genius. And also, want.

Monday, 29 June 2009


I just found this! First pics from Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland, which is due out next March.

It looks so good! Ahhh! I'm am VERY going to see it. 




...when I grow up I want stairs like this.

The Perfect Last Day

Saturday was a day of bright sunshine.
It was a day which included shopping, trying on expensive shoes, (almost) skipping along the South Bank, seeing old friends, eating ice cream, and getting caught in the rain on the way home.
It was also my last day in London. :(.

The shopping portion was in Topshop*.
Not having money is not a deterrent when it comes to shopping, evidently. Not when you have a Topshop card.
I only went in to get this swimming costume, but ended up with a whole load of underwear too.

Oh, and I tried on some gold shoes.
They are lush.
If they are in the Newcastle store when I have money, I can almost guarantee I'll be buying them.
Infact, even if they aren't in the Newcastle store, I'll get them online.
The only thing stopping me on Saturday was the fact that unlike my other purchases, I couldn't just squeeze them down the side of one of my bags.

Afterwards, I went for coffee at the Caffe Nero at Green Park (which I recommend to fans of hot Italian boys), stopping off at the YSL store on the way. I so desperately wanted to try on the calf length cage boots I keep wittering on about, but they didn't have them anymore. It looks like that ship has sailed. Sad times.
I did try on these instead though....
...which are essentially the same concept, except a little less cage-y, with a silver heel instead of black, and only ankle length. Still lush. And were surprisingly comfortable!

I then had an hour and a half to kill, and decided to walk along the South Bank.
From Vauxhall to London Bridge.
In gladiator sandals.
I am hardcore.

It was at this point I put on my London playlist.** I'll just say this: YOU try listening to Lily Allen's LDN on a day as hot as that while walking through London without a smile on your face and/or without the urge to skip.
Almost impossible.

Anyways, here are some pics from my wandering:

The spotty trees are something to do with the "Walking In My Mind" exhibition at the Hayward Gallery which is on now; and includes work by Yayoi Kusama. If I'd had time I might've popped in - I remember looking at her in college. At least I remember the spotty room.

I met Mark at King's Cross about 20 minutes later than I said I'd be, as is usual. I haven't seen him for about 2 years, and I didn't look like this then. Always amusing. We hung out for a few hours, and had ice cream, and got lost about 5 times, and then I left him at Kentish Town - he was in London to see Brand New. I wish I'd had a ticket; they are clearly awesome.

And on the way home; even though it was still warm; it started to rain.
While I was listening to Interpol.


* Speaking of, if I were going to a festival this year, I would be all over these wellies.

**I have a playlist for everything, incase you weren't aware.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

The East End Thrift Pub.

Store! I mean store.

Although 3 glasses of (free) wine and only one £2 cardigan purchased would disagree with me.

This is Thursday night, and what was essentially my goodbye party since Bailey was leaving for York on Friday night and wouldn't be back til Sunday when I was already home. 
Shopping and free alcohol is as good a send off as any. In fact given that we are students, and fashion students at that, it is a perfect send off. 

I have no pics of the actual clothes we bought, but I do have descriptions! 
I got an oversized pale peach/pink cardi with rows of same colour sequins down the front, for £2!!! So far, so awesome, especially given the money situation (£30 for 4 days!!!).

Bailey bought a jumper from the very same rail (ahhh £2 rail, how I love thee), and also a black sequin vest, which was awesome, and...I actually forget what else she bought. There were three things though, I'm sure. 

I'd highly recommend keeping an eye here (EETS's myspace) for details of these parties - tunes, wine or beer, and clothes. Although there were no special discounts, there is the afore-mentioned £2 rail, and most things are priced at £10/£15 with the odd coat/jumpsuit at £25/£30. Well worth the trek - it's between Whitechapel and Stepney Green tube stations, down Assembley Passage, which is opposite Blockbuster.

Yes it looks like a dodgy back street.
Don't let this put you off.

See - me and Bailey even sat there for more drinks after our shopping was done!

The store itself is opposite some student halls too. We were jealous.

Purchases; Part Two

Ways to kill a 3 hour train journey: part one.
Actually, I only have an hour and a half left now but yeah.*
Currently listening to my London playlist - yes, I do have a playlist for everything. It is necessary.

This post is Wednesdays purchases; aka my goodbye East London tour '09.
All bought before I found out my bank account had been hacked** and I had to cancel my card and get a new one.
A new one which is being sent to Newcastle and would take at least 5 days to get there.
Leaving me with just under 30 quid to last me 4 days, and 7 ebay packages.
Obviously this was going to end well.

Additionally, I have new respect for goths. Especially in summer.
Wearing black and chunky boots in this heat is not advisable, so as a lifestyle choice it must be pretty tough going.
I bring this up as my get-up on Weds was as such:

Beloved oversized blazer; black Topshop bodysuit; Miss Selfridge
jersey skirt - both snaffled from work; Doc Martens

I found the East End Thrift Store, I bought another versatile dress. Oh how I love versatile vintage ♥

It was at the til that I was informed of the following evenings 'shopping party', where there would be free alcohol.
Even before the '30 quid for 4 days' debacle, I was vair interested. This will get its own post!

Then onwards to Beyond Retro; where I can never resist buying stuff. Never.
Finally found a playsuit I didn't hate, and again a versatile one in the sense that if I get bored of it being a playsuit it would make a FANTASTIC and awesome jacket, and I suppose a pair of shorts also. These next few pics aren't too clear. Stupid light. Apologies.

Also, a black lace corset, which I have been after for some time. This one comes with blue ribbon detail, and is both to wear under and over stuff. Clearly not going to be posting the under section, but here is over, with navy and black and my beloved simple elastic belt, which I have been neglecting of late, but is really an absolute need-to-own item. And all this for 2.50. Sometimes it is worth braving Primark, but only for tights/socks and occasionally awesome belts.

And finally; after about 10 minutes of scouring the shoe section and trying on anything because vintage sizes are never what they say they are - I was at one point desperately trying to squeeze my foot into a heeled beige loafer with gold accents, which were beautiful, and labelled a 5, although clearly more like a 4...bad times - I came across these beauties.

Now the decision to buy them despite dwindling funds, I am a little ashamed to say, is because only days before I'd watched that episode of Sex & The City where Carrie's new Manolos go missing at a party.
These ones.

You may have noticed they bare a striking resemblance.


In non-spending related news, lunch was accomplanied by indie musician spotting.
99.9% sure this is Blaine from Mystery Jets. Photo taken for the wonderful Catherine Young; who loves him a little bit***, and is vair jealous of me right now.

But moments later came the fateful phonecall from the bank, which but a bit of a dampener on my day, so I went home pretty sharpish after this...

* By the time I finished writing this, I only have 45 minutes left.
** That's so not even the technical term for it, but I am such a part of the Internet generation that I can't think of another word...!
*** A lot.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Purchases; Part One

Because I have packed my camera cable and haven't uploaded the pics from Wednesday/Thursday nights vintage hunting. Which also means I haven't uploaded my 'spotted: Blaine from Mystery Jets' photo either. I'm 99.9% positive it was him.

But yes,
Matalan = underrated.
Observe the shoes/rings/headband.

I wore the ones pictured on my feet to Amy's 18th; they are awesome. And the blue ones! ♥ They had nice clothes too, but yknow, I'm all about shoes right now.

And always.


Today is my last full day in London! And I have no money, cos I had to cancel my bank card. So I have 20 quid, which needs to be spent on sending stuff for ebay cos I can't fit them in my bags to take home and post later.
Le sigh.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Lookbook Looks

Just some looks I'm into atm. Man I need to get on that site, if just to hype the hot looks.
I never like the ones at the top of the hype list, I need to big up the hot looks that aren't getting recognition!

All pics from lookbook.nu, except the girl in the blue blazer, which is from Professionally Trendy.

I swear that website is genius.

Me and Bailey are going to the East End Thrift Store tomorrow night - there's a sale party, and the guy who served me today promised free drinks.
There better be, I have no money for actual drinks.
Anyway, there are details on their myspace, Londoners would do well to get themselves down if they are not in a 25-pound-to-last-me-the-week kind of situation.