Tuesday, 17 November 2009

birthday suit

This is the only decent outfit shot off of last night.
You can't even see it!
Vintage lace dress from off of my neighbour at home-home, DIY-ed a little. Topshop shoes; various necklaces - including one that Luke got me for a birthday present :D

We went out, for sure, but beforehand Aaron put on a buffet of sorts. Mostly to get rid of food that needed to be eaten.

It was quite the spread - jam on toast, cheese on toast, stuffing balls, chocolate digestives, the lot.

We also sang some Gaga - Bad Romance and Alejandro, specifically - loudly and out of tune; several times. And danced to the latter...

I don't know where the bunny mask came from, but it made the rounds. I enjoy this.

Me, Aaron, Matthew, Hannah. Rabbit mask.


sarah said...

your friend with the willow tshirt, amazing, i have never seen one out of york before!

jenn said...

haha, he is from york! 'citin