Sunday, 28 November 2010


in the 'collection muse' sense, rather than the 'personal style muse' sense.

Juno Temple:
off of Atonement, and St Trinians, and...that kind of thing. I forget what else she's been in and i cba to look it up.

all imgs from tumblr

i should post more, but uni work and snow are making me lethargic. *kanyeshrug*

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


this is my 500th post.
I KNOW. 500 whole posts of nothing in particular.

do not expect anything of note in this landmark post; but do expect the unexpected.

top image from fashionista, bottom image google...

et voila - anna wintour, some time ago. i'm gonna go ahead and place these in the late 80s/early 90s? but look at her! in colour! in shiny fabrics! minus the glasses!
she looks considerably more fun than she does now. i mean, i'd quite like to hang out with late 80s/early 90s anna.
and bares a passing resemblance to mary quant when she has darker hair.

a post about fashion and the 80s/90s. maybe, in future, you should expect the expected.

Saturday, 20 November 2010


as in Hall. a little? yes?

thrifted blazer+jumper+shirt//trousers off of placeement//new look shoes//H&M necklace+ring//definite need to take off nail polish

it is raining today. a lot. good news is i have a lot of work to do so i shall be inside in the
warm dry... though i have already been into town for a replacement phone and some tights. exciting.

in other news, i can't work my new (temporary) phone because i am so used to a touchscreen now. iphone, RIP.

in other other news, 5 DAYS TIL' INTERPOL!!!!

Thursday, 18 November 2010


keeping things ticking over.
wearing vaguely similar outfits. i forgot to take a pic of the day in between this and the last post, but the duck egg blue skirt i got from hey baby chief panda made it's first appearance...

vintage leather jacket + fur collar//H&M dress//thrifted jumper//matalan(?) belt//
select shoes//topshop shorts//primark necklace//vintage+etsy rings

yknow, i often think "when/if i ever get a well paying job, what am i gonna spend my first paycheck on?" - realistically it'll be something sensible, or an apple product, or something kitchen-y, but in my head it's some piece of frivolity; something designer.
a rick owens leather jacket would be the dream, of course. or a pair of louboutins. a little cliché. but really, given how much i love the stuff, i'm not enitrely sure why i've never considered some leopard print affair from the godfathers of leopard print themselves, dolce & gabbana. seems like a good call.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


the aftermath.

'hangover attire' isn't an oft-explored niche - i'm assuming that's because most people spend such periods of their life in bed/on the couch/on the bathroom floor, in the foetal position. unless they
really have to leave the house, in which case jeans and hoodies will suffice.

not on my watch.

thrifted jumper+skirt//H&M leggings//primark socks//asos brogues

at first glance, this could be any other outfit, but below are the hallmarks of the hangover look - you'll now be able to spot whether i was a-drinking the night previous to outfit photos, and that'll be fun, right?
alternatively, you can use it as a 'how to survive a hangover' guide. i have no tips on feeling better, of course.

1. no jewellery.
too much effort.

2. flat shoes. anything with a heel or a wedge = too much effort.

3. slightly less makeup; no need for eyeliner or lipstick or any of that malarky. blusher and mascara will suffice (because hangovers come with a pallor too deathly even for me), or would if foundation wasn't a necessity per moi.

4. increasingly poor choices. because sheer skirts and leggings in wet/cold/muddy november. although, let's be honest, i would've donned similar items when not hungover. i am never seasonally appropriate; there is about a week in september where my style is approps, otherwise i'm too hot in my layers or too cold in my sheers. pfft. at least i've plonked some thick socks on over my leggings/under my cut-out shoes. great choice, great choice.

5. no waist. this is the biggie. the giveaway. because everything i wear defines my tights, no high waists, nothing too tight on the delicate mid-section, lest that queasy feeling claw it's way back. just when i was starting to feel better. ergh.

6. overcompensation. i might not feel good, but dammit, i'm going to look it. i want the finest clothes available to man, i want them here, and i want them now.

yes? yes.
as a side note; i adore this jumper. it's the perfect amount of slouchy and it's comfy AND warm AND it looks good; despite the holes in the cuffs (roll up the sleeves: problem solved), the slight pink shade from a rogue-red-item-in-the-wash situation and, now, the wonky hem where some of the thread has come out. oh dear.

Sunday, 14 November 2010


if leopard print and khaki isn't camouflage, i don't know what is.
literally could not be spotted - in a jungle situation or otherwise. amiright? iamnotright.

thrifted dress+cardi//ebayed boots//river island socks//vintage belt+brooch//green ombré nails

in other news, i am 22 tomorrow. :|.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


i did take some outfit shots today, but the light was terrible and i couldn't be bothered to take them again tonight. it's either too dark or bright morning winter sun on a morning right now; neither are ideal for taking photos anywhere in my room. le sigh.

so instead, some photos from around and about of silhouettes i like; mostly they've been/are going to be printed out and stuck on my inspiration board at uni, as they're (almost) all relevant to my work...

and of course i've forgotton where they're all from, but i think wayne tippets,

Sunday, 7 November 2010

army green.

vintage army jumper as bought at the Hey Baby Chief Panda pop-up...
ridiculously pale skin + awkward poses.
stupid flash.

topshop jeans//peacocks boots//H&M leopard socks//vintage necklace//H&M rings

Saturday, 6 November 2010

shipley lates.

well, this is a week late...

last friday was the Fashion Fix event at the Shipley art gallery in Gateshead; it was pretty cool. there was a talk from Kim Howells (more below...) and a couple of 'vintage fashion shows', plus a pop up shop from Hey Baby Chief Panda, which is a vintage shop run by two ex-art students which is just down the road from me (i bought a huge army jumper and a duck-egg blue calf length skirt from them...)

pics below include lots of paper dresses (as made by various members of my class/other people from around uni. one of our tutors was working on these at the event); the DJ; a sign attached to one of the pieces in the pop-up shop and some illustrations as done by our illustration tutor, Ann, some 1st&2nd year students and me; and some bridges from the walk back to where i left my bike...

click the pics for a bigger image (hopefully)

Kim Howells (and her blog) is a stylist based in London, and she's worked at Dazed&Confused, and with Nicola Formichetti, and now consults/works with David Koma, Atlanta Weller, Craig Lawrence, Hannah Marshall and Fred Butler, as well as styling for Coco Sumner and Skunk Anansie. AND she's responsible for the House of Organza project (which I've written about before; as with Craig Lawrence...), so I was kinda a fan without realising it; and it was great to meet her, and a great night.

lates at museums are a pretty regular event at the Shipley/around Newcastle, though not fashion related ones particularly - i talked to some women who'd been to the pottery one and they'd made pots and everything! - but i assume this isn't a Newcastle specific thing at all; so i'd recommend any fashion-based (or indeed, any) lates at a gallery near you if you can!

Friday, 5 November 2010

things that fly.

someone commented last week that they'd like to see some of my design work and what i was doing at uni...
i'm a little reluctant to share what i'm doing, as i'm sure anyone else doing art or design understands - our class especially are pretty protective of our work and a little wary of even showing each other what we're doing for fear of things looking too similar etc.
that said, i guess a couple of shots of my work space - with some inspiration boards, and some doodles - can't hurt. these were taken last week, so there are now more pictures, a slightly altered colour palette, a shed load more doodles and the beginnings of a toile surrounding me right now, but you get the idea.

Thursday, 4 November 2010


i got an email sometime last week 'bout a website/brand hawking printed silk scarves - beta fashion.
very almost passed it over cos i'm not a scarf person, but in the name of procrastination i clicked the link and took a glance.
good choice.
sure, the scarves are lovely, the prices affordable, and the prints interesting*; but it was the other items up for sale that caught my eye.

first, the scarves - all 100% silk; all £35:

see? great prints.
but note the clothing!
printed bodycon numbers and interesting graphic tees a-plenty...

the lamé tee here (pic 5) is fantastic (and £24 in the sale), but as are dresses 2, 3 and 6. (2+3 being £80 and 6 being £98 in the sale. sigh. pennies.) and are definitely my kinda jam.
the webshop also stocks a plethora of printed leggings (all about £40) if that's your thing...


* the press release happily informs me that "contributing designers range from graduates of Central St. Martins to independent artists from all over the world"; and also that competitions for prints run every month. i believe anyone can enter, so click through if you're a print designer or have an interest in the sort of thing.