Friday, 27 November 2009

"the original hipster"

oh, a blog post!

the internetz has been off for a couple days, and I'm a bit lazy I've been crackin' on with the ol' uni sketchbook (finally).
Fully booked life for the next week - house party tonight, Edinburgh to see wor Daniel tomorrow, Dundee for 3 nights, then Yeah Yeah Yeahs next Thursday...I enjoy busy schedules.
I should have shares in the trains.

But this is not the point!

I came across this shoot on Modelizing via a link on Luxirare's Twitter (oh, how the internet is connected. Blogging and Twitter go hand in hand, I find. Cross promotion an' ting.) and I thought it deserved to be shared.

Quote the original post:

"I thought I'd share a story I recently created with the insight of wonderfully talented art director Ali Lee. It was our first time working together and hopefully not the last. The concept was based on the book The Pushcart War. Our lovely model, Chris, has lived on Mercer Street for a few decades by choice. I'm calling this series The Original Hipster because on most days he doesn't even look like he's truly homeless. The post processing is a bit of a departure for my real colour obsession and I'm really into it. I hope you guys enjoy. And for those with really great memories, yes this is from the shoot I did that the Unknown Hipster drew."

Quote the Art Director, Ali Lee:

"As the art director I can say my vision came alive. As a culture we look for explanations, reason for cause, and labels. Forgetting what’s in front of us, the beauty and truth is pure stop and see that each moment and day is enough. Appreciate the people who are real. A nobody is far more attractive than a somebody."

And of course, vidi le pictorals:

I find these incredibly interesting and beautiful, both in concept and in execution; and it appears they're causing a little controversy over on the Modelizing post (see the comments if you do head over there), but often these are the best examples of photography, or indeed, any art, non?

All pictures by Julia Chesky @ Modelizing


Kylie said...

I've seen these before, they are amazing aren't they. Without starting up lengthy rant about labels, I'll just say that I agree with what the art director had to say, and the message IS coming across quite beautifully in the pictures. Thanks for sharing, it was nice to see some of the backstory into these shots!

ps- thanks for the links advice, i agree that a crowded linkslist is quite offputting. That's why I just scrapped it and I'm going to downscale


Liam said...

I've seen this before too, I'm afraid I struggle with them a little bit. I understand the concept behind them but I don't think they manage to make their point without being exploitative in themselves. They are beautiful photos but then I doubt this guy is no longer homeless (as much as he professes to not want a home). They might deal with a nobody being a somebody and vice versa but at the end of the day I wonder what benefit the subject got from the shoot?