Monday, 23 November 2009

ode to... snoop dogg

So I picked up this music-based paper in Best Vintage* on Saturday; casually flicked through it.

It's rare for me to read a music mag these days. I'll pick up The Fly if I come across it, I always forget you can read it online (although I am now cos I've just remembered. Wild Beasts are on the front!), and perhaps Narc (another free paper effort based in the North East...also has the same name as an Interpol song. w00t!), but nothing like the "good ol' days" of NME (around the years 2004-2006, I would assume) before I matured enough to realise it was a bunch of epic dross whose only aim was to hype whatever band they thought would make them money.

If I need to know it now, someone on facebook will likely do a status about it. This is how I found out about the imminent (NEXT YEAR NEXT YEAR) next Interpol album. Also popjustice; legendary.

Oh yeah, sorry, what was my point? The Stool Pigeon! That's what!
It's been running 2 years - a monthly paper based in London, and tis a hefty lil' thing.

I will get around to reading the interviews with Vampire Weekend and Julian Casablancas (♥) and what I assume will be some reviews an' ting further towards the back, but the interview with Snoop Dogg on page 22 with accompanying photo (above) was the one that caught my eye and made for a classic read.

I shall insert some classic snippets below. Warning (mam): Snoop is well down with the ol' swearing; that's just how he rolls.

SP: Kids are forced to grow up quick these days, I think.
Yeah, you don't wanna shape and mould your kids because your gonna shape and mould som'n that you don't want. Let them find out who they are and let them become the best at whatever they gonna be - even if it's a criminal, a preacher, a doctor, or whatever it is...

You need to come back to Britain. We need to sort that out.
Yeah, they need to let me in and quit bullshittin'! They acting like bitches over there! Let me in the motherfuckin' place!

Who decided you can't come in, the home office?
Well, the people, they want me there and love me and wanna see me. It's the motherfuckin' government. Some white-wig-wearin' parliament motherfuckers. They running they shit based on the 1800s, as opposed to the 2000s. Y'all livin' in yesteryear! Y'all need to change your shit over there!

OK, no politics - dull subject - but it makes me think of money, and you do have a lot of that. What do you do with your money?
Well, you can't die with it! Fuck it! Spend that shit! What you gonna do? Save and shit?...

So you don't feel like you should start rapping about doing the dishes and putting the kids to bed?
I don't never do the dishes! So why would I rap about it? I got a motherfuckin' maid to do that shit!

Anything you wanna do that you're yet to do?
Yeah. I feel like a gotta win a motherfuckin' Grammy.

More than an oscar?
Yeah, real shit. But I'ma get one of those too.

Snoop; an expert on childcare, politics, money, housework, awards....legend.
They even call him Uncle Snoop, up in the rap world. BRILLIANT.


* a usual favourite of mine on the Newcastle vintage scene, but not so much of late...I think London has spoiled me with the quality of the ol' vintage. Hmm. Better stuff to be found in THE BEST charity shop, RSPCA in Byker, I reckon. Must pop in there soon. Anyways, yeah.

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