Friday, 17 April 2009

today was made for interpol.

Grey cloudy days, possibly raining, but certainly with the distinct possibility of rain; walking (or driving) through the city, with the tall buildings disappearing into the low clouds.

THAT is where Interpol songs fit, that's where they are at home, that's where they deserve to be played.
That's when I fell in love with them, listening to them in New York when it was cloudy and rainy for the whole 5 days. And today was the same, in London, and the ipod begged to play them. It was perfect.

So today I got my CVs printed off, got the bus to Dalston, went to find Christopher Kane's studios. Got to the address I had, it didn't say anything about them being the right studios anywhere :(. Did the same for Luella, nothing. I posted both letters but I don't even know if they're the right addresses so if I do hear anything back I'll be amazed, quite frankly. Might wait til nearer the time, I assume more designers will be looking for interns as they were in February and I can get something last minute.
Proper wanted to go to Christopher Kane. Or Luella, goddammit.

Ooo, I had my leather skirt on today, observe:

(Reallly old cardi from New Look, top from work, vintage skirt & boots from Absolute Vintage)


So after wandering around east London looking for designers and having not much luck, I ofcourse wandered in the direction of the wonderful Brick Lane XD.
On the way, I found another shrub!

Brilliant. Literally the best graffiti ever. (I realise that the first Shrub was never recorded within this blog, but it is in my Facebook photos - it's near where I work, on the side of the train tracks near Westbourne Park tube, FYI.)

I finally found Beyond Retro! (it was further down Cheshire Street. n00b.) Bought a dress. And a skirt.

'kin poser.

=/. But fierce on both accounts, no?
I dunno whether to take the skirt up or not, but I'll leave it til I get back to my sewing machine. It's alright at this length, I quite like it. Needs an iron though.
(Clearly too lazy to take off my top to show yer the dress, It's strapless nods. And see how versatile! XD.)

It has occured to me that I have too many clothes (counting the ones still up north, too). I tried to clear out some stuff here but I actually do wear & want to keep pretty much everything - I shall be bringing a couple of things up for yer, Kim, in a couple of weeks :D Promise! I think the big clear out will come in July when I get back up there. Hiya ebay.

I also bought a ticket for the Friday of Camden Crawl (next week). Cos the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are playing XD. It's little wonder I have no money, frankly. Need to stop spending. DAMN YOU LONDON! DAMN YOU WITH YOUR TEMPTATION! etc.
(V excited for next friday though, tbf.)

So yeah, after BR, I wandered to Cafe 1001 and did some Italian learning. I now know how to pronounce all the letters of the alphabet, including when they're next to other letters in words (anyone who knows any italian hopefully knows what I mean), and the days of the week. Need to learn to roll my r's properly though, since that's how an r is pronounced in italian.

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Mam said...

Pretty clothes XD. Love the leather skirt!! xxx