Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Next Top Jenn

Today was a good work day, ohh yes.

Sandra (the print designer!) is was working on some graphic tees with faces, and faces with like really smudges makeup? I can't really describe it without the inspiration photo. But yeah she thought I'd make a good model cos my hair is so bright haha, awesome. 
So she took some photos and got me to put loads of eyeliner on and smudge it, and it was awesome, we took hundreds of photos XD
She said she'll do me a disc of em so I can put them in my project (i.e. upload them here!) so I'll do that when I get em.

All I could think was 'smile with your eyes!', i have watched far too much America's Next Top Model.

Annnnnd I was working on sequin placement designs to be sent to India, which is a big project :)

Annnd then I was a fit model on the afternoon, cos Eudald got me to try on all the new Topshop woven trousers. I fell in love with one pair, they were beautiful! high waisted, a little wide legged, fitted like a glove, gorgeous. 

AND I got some more free clothes XD good times all round, says I.

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Mam said...

Can't wait to see the pics!!