Thursday, 23 April 2009

Hayfever :(

So despite the fact I've never suffered from hayfever before, I currently have a blocked nose, aching sinuses and crusty eyes when I wake up in the morning. Lovely.

And sadly, the last two days have been placement-filled, so I couldn't even just curl up in a ball and watch tv till it went away :(
Although there isn't much craic from these days, I kind of just drifted through them =/ oh dear. Hopefully will have pepped up a bit by next week! I hope so anyways, this weekend is plan-filled, I better be well enough for it (there will be posts, I shan't spoil the suprise.).

I spent far too much money at the start of this week, mostly on ebay =/ new burberry coat, to replace the one which was too big (which i sold last month for extra moneys), leather jacket (which is love), a bowler hat (ohhh yes!), and 2 pairs of boots =/. Oo and some new jeans (!) from Topshop. Mostly the ebay stuff has gone to Newcastle - it'll be like my birthday! AHH IM EXCITED, ONE WEEK!  

If Gemma gets her own way I'll be adding a pair of shoes to that mix, but I think I might hold off for now, I dunno. Theyre £110! Well, £99 with ye olde student discount. But there are some similar ones on ebay for muuuuch cheaper *strokes chin* I'll see, I'll see.

I need to check that list of things to do when I get money! I know book europe trip is one of em, but I haven't gotten around to that yet =/. I will, at some point. I do really want to go!

This post has no pics :( this is sad. But....I'm too lazy to go find some so deal.

I'm off to fill the Lost-shaped hole in my evening with chocolate and Winchesters*. 

*errrm gonna watch Supernatual, innit.

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Mam said...

I reckon the h/f is cos you are in 'That London'- any pollen floating about has no clean air to disintegrate into cos it's a busy built up city, innit...more so than Newcastle.

We still on for lunch next Saturday? Might just be me, like as Amy's coming up and Tom wants to see her. There's also talk of a night at Berwick Holiday Centre :O......I'm gonna pass on that, o'course....;)