Sunday, 26 April 2009


After the crawl on Friday, I managed to get up early yesterday and get myself to Portobello Market...I wasn't particularly impressed though =/. I suppose I should've walked all the way up and down it, but I didn't see anyone worth taking a photo of, and no clothes I particularly wanted! Got a brooch, a necklace and a faux fur tail too, which I swiftly attached to me jacket.

(Vintage hat from Best Vintage, brooch from Portobello, vest free from work, blouse from Traid, jacket
from charity shop, jeans from Topshop, flats from Primark, fur tail from Portobello)

It is an awesome accessory! I put it on my tweed jacket later, it looked very Dolce & Gabbana A/W 08. Country and that. I think it was D&G...I think it was A/W 08...I dunno.
But yeah, after Portobello I went to Oxford Street, and got stopped outside Topshop (again!) by a lovely Australian guy who a) said I looked funky and b) said he represented an extras and modelling agency. He gave me a card, took my pic and my name and number, and yeah. Citin, I spose...

And then, then it was the night of Laura's French non-boyfriend Nico's new game launch...
So we went to Laura's new flat first (it is lush.)

And we danced, and took stupid pics, and got dressed, and her housemate made Cosmos and we all got a bit tipsy, and then had to attempt to get to soho. Bryony's bladder nearly burst on the way, haha. Bless.

Nico runs a called Miss Bimbo atm *shrugs* hadn't heard of it till we met him, but yesterday was the launch of My Queen which is, I believe, a game based on drag queens (as you do.). So Jodie Harsh DJ-ed, ace!

And now, a bunch of photos.

The actual launch....

And Nico in his best drag queen get-up, obvs. (Borrowed Laura's Tshirt, among other things, ahaha).

We all bought new shoes for the occasion, haha, although Bryony and Laura's were both Topshop-ers, in the sale XD.

A sparkly man. Observe my awesome hat! It came from ebay, yesterday morning.

Jodie Harsh, DJ-ing away.

My and Bryony (in Nico's wig) dancing to Poker Face. I do not know why our dance mostly resembles Vogue-ing...

And finally, the moment I realise purple hair is not for me. :(.

Good times, although the bus back was horrible. But at least it was cheap. :).

Am off to see 17 Again with them two now; Zefronnnn! Best get up/get ready, sposed to meet them in Holloway in an hour. Not even out of bed, been too busy watching Sex & The City.
Tut, tut.


Mam said...

Eeek that you got stopped by a modelling agency!! :O! If you aren't designing it, you're showing it off - good times! Newcastle will be vair tame after all this excitement :~

Kwany said...

massive poser