Thursday, 16 April 2009

la paio di scarpa, sono bello!*

The last two days I've been in the office (XD), mostly sketching stuff up for Asos - so much work! - and somehow managing to buy some shoes from aforementioned website.
They are lush.

They arrived this afternoon, while I was out.

Was going to go to Dalston and Shoreditch and eventually that old faithful of places, Brick Lane.
The idea was to swing by Christopher Kane and Luella and drop CVs in the the vain hope theyll take me on for a month or so over Fashion Week in September. Cept the cable was missing for the printer and I couldn't print out said CV's, so I guess that'll have to wait for tomorrow :(

So instead I thought 'I'll get on a bus and see where it takes me' - I ended up in Muswell Hill, which is a nice place, and had lunch at a Greek restaurant which had the most awesome lampshades (I was mega inspired by them, you can't usually say that about a lampshade):

I had a very tasty salad, a tiramisu (lush), and a mocha (also lush), ta for asking.
And then I nipped round the charity shops, and bought 2 books - one a book about the fashion industry (I can read about it, not just live it XD), and one a book on learning Italian. I thought earlier this year I might try and learn a new language, and this was one of the ones I thought about (I'd also like better French skills plzkthanks).
It may or may not have taken about 5 minutes to translate the title. ¬_¬.

So the shoes! Yes.

(Cardi stole from Luke, top from work, skirt from Topshop, via ebay, shoes from Asos)

Clearly sexy, yes?

*Translation: 'The pair of shoes, they are beautiful!' - incase you were wondering.


Mam said...

I was - and those shoes ARE lush!!!! Hmm odd that they are similar in colour to the extremely yellow shorts you modelled yesterday....funny, that. :P

jenn said...

you love it. mon the mustard!