Friday, 10 April 2009

3 days?!

I have not blogged for, I mean.

It's out of laziness, not busy-ness - I've been catching up on the newest season of America's Next Top Model, and last night was all about Lost. Which is clearly awesome. I have theories, debating emailing The Lost Initiative with em. 
If you are a Lost fan, watch that. And then search facebook for the group. obvs. Geeky Tom is clearly a legend. (Although theyre all pretty good)

So last 2 days I've been at work, but not done much of anything, really... (although I did get literally a sainbury's bag for life full of free clothes, some of which are coming up north with me in a few weeks for kim/anyone else who wants them XD) 

And on Tuesday, I had quite an interesting day.
Went to the Horniman Museum (eh, I've had enough of museums at this point so...yeah.) then got the train back to Charing Cross, went to Trafalgar Square and sat on nelson for dinner ^_^. And then I wandered into soho to look for fabric shops - there were some, but none which had like, everything. =/. I want to find somewhere where I can ask for some decent swatches so I can have some sort of fabric reference book, is that too much to ask? Meh. I finally found Beyond Retro, too. It was alright *shrug* I like Absolute Vintage better.
Well, I found the BR in soho, apparantly the one near Brick Lane is further along the street I thought it was down, I just didn't go far enough. Meh.

I better add some pics to this post, liven it up a bit and that.
So I was using the new Google photo thingy, you know what I mean, yeah? Looked up some places:

Home; London

Work; London

Brick Lane - looking down the street which holds Cafe 1001 (♥) and Rough Trade

Camden Market/Lock

Home; Newcastle

COOOOOOOP! etc. I miss Newcastle :(

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Mam said...

Ooo FAB that I can see your home(s) amost in the flesh! Can you find mine/ours??