Monday, 13 April 2009

Let's Drive To Brighton On The Weekend

So, I spent Easter weekend with Andyroo ^_^
Well, Friday night to Sunday night. I spent all day Friday, and today, watching Supernatural and Mad Men over and over, interspersed with a little Peep Show since I got all 5 series for £17 from Fopp on Saturday. Good times.

Saturday we went into town (city. whatever.) and saw The Boat That Rocked, which was pretty good. Aceeee tunes (Yardbirds! eep!) and cute boys. Tom Sturridge?... 

...err, hai, gorgeous much? Oof. (And The Internet informs me he's best friends with Robert Pattinson. Now that's a good looking bunch of friends, right there.)

Sunday, we got up late (actually we did Saturday too but...yeah) but decided to drive somewhere and that somewhere, it was decided, should be Brighton. Cue playing Bloc Party on the drive down XD.

& some more feet, for your viewing pleasure.

We walked along the front, we wandered round the pier, we lost a fiver on the 10p slide-y machines (you know the ones, the criminally addictive ones...) and had ice cream, we skimmed stones on the sea (well, he did, i did one and then lost the gift and they all just plopped into the sea. Bad times.) and then we went home. Well, it was 5pm by the time we got there!

And now, while I wait for another Mad Men to load, I'm listening to some R&B tunes, and reminiscing about my life circa 2003, when I proper loved this music.

Good weekend, it was. 
Vair good. 
I didn't even have any chocolate eggs til today!

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