Monday, 20 April 2009

A Very Messy Weekend

And by weekend I mean the hours of 3pm Saturday to 3am Sunday morning. Any time preceeding this was sitting around waiting for confirmation we were going to the fair and any time afterwards was spent curled in a ball in bed, ill. 

We went to the fair in Finsbury park! Awesomes.
We had hotdogs, and candyfloss:

Me and Bailey demolishing some 'floss

We went on rides:

Ta Bryony for taking t'photo

And then we had ice cream and Bailey took the best pic EVER:

And then I stepped in a muddy puddle :(

Then we went to Camden....

I remember going to the cocktail bar, and talking to some random Australian guy about Australia, and getting a cosmo, and getting into Underworld, and getting a glass of wine (to go with the 3/4 of a bottle I'd had at Bryony & Laura's beforehand), and I remember dancing like an absolute boob when they played Slow Hands.....actually that's most of it, isn't it. I remember Bryony and Graeme going home early (tut.) and I remember leaving, and Laura and Harriet getting a Subway, and I remember getting home too. So yeah. Actually considering the amount of alcohol, I did quite well (although I did put a hole in my skirt with my nail. Bad times.)

I assume this was during Interpol, I can't think many other bands would make me break out the air guitar =/

*clearly stole all these pics of Bailey's facebook, my camera battery has died so it's charging and I cba to wait around for it :P

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