Tuesday, 7 April 2009

My Mam Forgot The Ace Title :(

She was on the phone just before I started this blog, and she said something proper funny, and I asked her what it was again when I got to this page and she had forgotton. BOOHISSBOO.

So anyway.


Wooo! If you saw the london paper today, I was in it, see ^
The housemates were like 'ahh we know her!', rofl.
Very citin. I have a copy, shall be keeping that to show off to anyone who asks, clearly.

So today I went to Brick Lane (i.e. 'i dunno where to go! shall wander round the east end looking for cool people/inspiration from vintage stuff')
Sadly, going to Brick Lane is not a good idea when a) it's full of vintage shops, b) you love vintage stuff and c) you have no money.

Needless to say, I bought a red jacket and a brown leather skirt - oh yes.
In my defence, I've wanted a red jacket for ages. And the leather skirt is buttery soft and fits perfectly. So nerh.

I also tried on these mustard suede shorts - PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET! Please advise, should I go back and get them? They were rather fantastic, if a little bit mental.

I can't decide.
I left em, in the end. *shrug*

I was going to try to show you the awesome cakes I got yesterday from the Turkish (i think) bakery! But I forgot to take a pic of yesterdays, so you'll have to make do with todays:

They are beautiful.
And today, I was in Absolute Vintage (which has, apparantly won the 'Best Vintage Shop in London' award, or something) and they had a newspaper clipping which was on about the
best 100 shops in the world - fact! - which also mentioned Yasar Halim (said Turkish bakery). Woo!

*My internet stopped working before I could post this on Monday night, so it is now Tuesday morning. And I am listening to Ricky Martin? Random, itunes, too random. Off to have more adventures now!


Anonymous said...

Well Done :D

You should buy the sorts you look hawt in them, they'd be quirky but in a cool Diane Keaton in Annie Hall kinda way...

Joss. x.

Mam said...

Hmm not keen tbh - bit mustard, IMO. The cake looks well lush though XD! I'm totally impressed by your appearance in a proper LAHNDON paper!! Coooo-ee!!!

Mam said...

Oh and by the way - I hadn't forgotten the funny. I did say "pigeonhole", only in a Homer-type way. Fact. :P