Saturday, 25 April 2009

Yeah! Camden! Yeah! Sunburn!

I did not see most of the bands I circled. Oh dear.

Yesterday was vair hot, a little too hot, certainly too hot to be out without suncream and then sit in the sun for 2 hours to get a wristband to the Yeah Yeah Yeah's portion of the crawl.

But evidently, that's what I did.
Now my arms are red, right up to the shoulder. And a bit on my chest, and the top of my back. :(.


But YYYs were AWESOME aaaaahhhh! etc.
Went *actually* mental when they played Date With The Night.
Actually. Mental.

I was sat with Harriet and Ashley for ages in the queue and then they decided to go see the Enemy instead (would you dare.) so I was all on my ooooowwwwn etc from about half 5. Luckily I met randoms in the queue for the Roundhouse - as is the way of these things - in the form of Matt and Tim who were awesome and very much a laugh. Have clearly stolen some of Tim's pics off facebook for this post.

So yeah, The Virgins were on first.

They were alright, did a cover of Squeeze which was ace.
Anddd then came the YYYs :D

Ahhhh awesome. I tried ringing Aaron AND Luke during their set, neither of them picked up. SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO PICK UP, PEOPLE!!!

Anddd then we walked back through Camden and caught some random punk-y band playing outside the Hawley Arms...

..and we saw Madness playing on top of a bus!...

...and the people who lived next to it were clearly loving their lives at this point.

Annnnd then we wandered (for quite some time) and wound up at the Black Cap to see S.C.U.M. who sound a bit like the Horrors and look a bit like Prince (well the lead singer anyway). Ace.

And thennn we went to Underworld to see Kasms, which is Rory from Testicles new band, and features one of Matt's friends (who is in fact an IT teacher, ahahaha, class.).

The lead singer was awesome, in a Jemima Pearl capacity. They were a little Be Your Own Pet-esque, actually. Not as good though, sadly, cos theyve got all the ingredients. Hmm.

And yeah, that was it, knacked by that point tbh, so I came home and slept ^_^. Good times.

Oh! And this is what I was wearing yesterday!

(Jacket from charity shop, top from work, vintage dress from Beyond Retro, vintage boots from Absolute Vintage)

I got stopped in the queue for the Roundhouse, by a woman from the Asos group, and I was all "I work for one of your suppliers!" and she was all "Really, which one?", "RTW?" , "Oh yeah!! You know Kasia?!", "Yeah, yeah course!" "Haha, awesome".....etc
It was ace.

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