Tuesday, 12 October 2010

colour theory: white

well, white and cream...

vintage dress+Burberry coat+gloves (in hand)//ASOS boots//topshop skirt (underneath)//
H&M tee+tights//primark necklace//H! by henry holland cycling shorts

well, white and cream and blue. and grey. oops. teacher's note: must try harder.
although my rings matched. even if you can't see them.
though, if i'd worn the big sheepskin coat that i planned on wearing, this would be much more like it. but the Burberry! i think i'm surgically attached to it. also, the military thing with the boots, right? RIGHT?
i'm doing purple tomorrow, and red, blue and yellow at various points this week (it was only going to be 5 days, but i have lots of clothes; what can i say?). 7th colour undecided as yet...suggestions?


Michelle said...

Lovely dress! I'm excited to see your colour orientated outfits, I need to add more colour to my wardrobe, so maybe this'll inspire me! xxx

mam said...

You look so beautiful in that outfit :) xx