Saturday, 16 October 2010

colour theory: blue

day 6! in which i go to see the social network (it's very good; do go see it) and "accidently" buy shoes. this is, essentially, a before and after shot.

vintage (and DIYd) trousers+burberry coat//primark socks//dorothy perkins/office shoes//
thrifted shirt//jewellery H&M/vintage//DIY scarf

full on man repelling today.

truth be told, i could've done a blue week. granted, the shoes and coat would have been an everyday fixture, and the denim shirt would probably have made it into 5 out of 7 outfits, but i have a lot of blue clothes. probably rivalling black, in fact.

these shoes were in the Office sale - and were a bargain, espesh with student discount. they were, in fact, in the sale last month, before loan times, and i couldn't afford them, but the sale came back around, as did the shoes in my size. sadly the elastic grey wedges and the black buckled flat brogues weren't in my size, and the various other shoes i was lusting after weren't in the sale. brb, off for an ebay trawl.

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Emma Jade said...

loving those shoes in the second pic!