Monday, 11 October 2010

colour theory: olive green

i'm conducting an experiment.
a week long blog project in the style of
how the other half dresses.
it's been something i've been thinking about doing, in order to have something write about now the shows are over, but also cos hopefully it'll be fun.
and of course, i am inviting you to join in. though it might be a bit late notice now...whatevs, whatevs.

anyways, i'm gonna try to wear a one colour head to toe every day this week; a different colour per day.
this isn't foolproof, of course. for example, i'm already aware that i could wear all black every day and have a completely different outfit everyday. so no black. but then, i also know i own no red shoes or coats, and i only have black and grey tights.
so, since i'm not gonna run out and buy half a new wardrobe, this isn't going to be a strict-rules affair.

anyway, today was olive green, purely cos i felt like wearing this skirt.

H&M jacket//vintage skirt//topshop bodysuit//primark shoes+cardi//nasty burn mark on my arm D:

see? flouting the rules already. grey bodysuit; mustard cardi. flat shoes; since i was doing no bike riding today (merely going to the shop for eggs.)

and clearly, tweed jackets count as olive green.

no idea what colour each day will be; we will see when the wardrobe opens in the morning, yes?

1 comment:

Emma Jade said...

great idea, i love this look, i dont think its breaking the rules if you add accents of other colours!