Thursday, 14 October 2010

colour theory: purple

i did, of course, mean to post this last night but got caught up in crocheting. yes, really. you'll see.
yesterday's outfit; purple themed...

vintage dress+jewellery+belt//ebayed jumper+shoes//h! by henry holland cycling shorts//H&M tee

i actually managed to squeeze 4 shades into this, if you can see my nails (2tone, Models Own lilac and purple grey..). course the awkward photo trend continues (open your eyes, woman), but i'll manage. this week needs brightening up, i think! i seem to have a lot of muted shades of colours, but nothing bright. hmm.


Emma Jade said...

those shoes are amazing!

A Better Roni said...

I LOVE that burgundy velvet! I'm on the hunt for a velvet skirt myself, this look is lovely!