Monday, 29 March 2010

i am no artist; i am an art bitch

vintage Valentino skirt+Sonia Rykiel jumper//ebay parka//Peacocks sandals//Topshop+H&M jewellery

Quick outfit post.
Saturday; sunny equals back alley wall shots. But only one, cos some woman came along and I got embarrassed.
I adore my shadow, btw, I look some crazy old hunchback woman with some sort of tuft-y growth on my back (hair in a bobble...). But you can also see my sunglasses. So it's all good.

I walked 6 and a half miles on Saturday, and went to the Baltic and for coffee and by the library, all obvs very exciting.

So it's approx *looks at clock* 53 minutes til Ana gets here (!!!!!) and we go for Sushi and randomness (!!!!!!) and then we're off out tonight. I will trytry to set up a post for tomorrow, but going out plus being in uni for 10...hmm.

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mood called veronica said...

nice outfit, love the sandals.

Sleepy Darlings said...

crazy old hunchback shadow WITH a magic crystal ring on her curled hand that holds secret powers.

i like the shadow too!