Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Having a little bit of writers block/apathy (mostly the latter...), hence a rather swift decline in post quality, if nothing else.
Anyways, I can blame it all on having lots of work to do, so I shall. I assume you've seen the big poof of poofiness that is/was my "ultimate piece", so this is the follow ob - a capsule collection and a sportswear. We have 60 sheets of development to do - most people are doing their capsule then their sportswear, but I'm just drawing and drawing and I'm on 19 pages after 2 weeks of classes so I think it's a safe bet.

A little inspiration.
And a party ring, which, I have deduced, is the PERFECT biscuit.
Low in calories & fat (...for a biscuit), tastes goooood, only 44p for a pack of 20 in Tesco. ULTIMATE WIN.

Some doodles. Crappy iPhone pics; do apologise.
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