Monday, 29 March 2010

the palladium sound

On occasion, Vice will send me random emails about stuff they've done and affiliates and stuff. That's how Vice roll. That's how being a student ambassador goes.
Often times, this stuff isn't fash related and I'm like...meh. Then there's the times there's an Uncle Karl interview.

Today, there's a video about pirate radio,
here, which isn't on Vice TV, but on Palladium. They also had a video about Berlin a few weeks ago, which of course, I only mention cos errr, I love Berlin. Actually, they have a bunch of awesome videos. One of them is called "The Ruins of New York". I might devote some time to watching some of these older vids...

a mixtape, too, which is epicly not my thing, but if you like grime-y electro kinda stuff, give it a whirl.

But the reason I posted this; the reason I was interested, really, was the shots Vice sent over:

They're like editorial shots, almost (the third one, anyway), and I'm a big fan of architecture and cityscapes, so I find these pretty awesome. And the first shot; the rust and decay was something I looked at in my sketchbook last year. Sweet-ass.

(Also, hey, it's my old friend, that fucking gherkin!)


Palladium also happen to sell boots (flat boots; like Converse but cooler. If I wore flat boots, y'know? These guys.)

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