Saturday, 27 March 2010

i can relate

I took a day off posting for the first time in months; and now I have about 7 designers to write about. Huh.

So, while yes, I SHOULD be flicking through the 4 books and number of websites I have bookmarked for my dissertation proposal right anow, or designing for either of my capsule collections, or doing something to my pattern cutting journal, I am instead, writing about designer
Dean Quinn, who does cool stuff with beads.

Partics wanted to write about him, cos right now I'm spending my Thursdays helping my 4th year, and for the past, ooo, 6 weeks(?), I've been plaiting ribbon and sewing it into little circle/flower-y things as embellishment for her dresses.
Time consuming; painstaking; monotonous....
I have epic respect for whoever sewed all these crazy beads on:

Love the colours here too, though, and while the crazy beaded pieces aren't over-wearable (although I think they could be in the right setting, non?), the drapey-panelled dresses in the middle are pretty cure and throw-on.

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1 comment:

Genya said...

Those are beads? amazing! It looks like fur-ish. Love this designer!