Wednesday, 31 March 2010

how the other half dresses: get your leather on

would you believe it, me and ana have another project.


this one mostly involves wearing clothes and going places though, so it's one we're likely to be doing on most occasions.
the premise is: pick a theme, both don an outfit relating to said theme, take photos.
compare and contrast.

the tricky part? you have to read both wor blogs to see the finished product (well, you do when I cba to go nab her pictures, mmkay?

Monday sushi and shopping times.
theme: leather. (
aka more black that doesn't photog well. i need better light dammit. I CAN'T WORK UNDER THESE CONDITIONS!)

glorious leather jacket; le ebay//h! by henry holland blouse//thrifted dress//
H&M leggings//Priceless boots//vintage cashmere cardi

et voila.
head on over to
wor ana's blog for her leather shenanigans; i shall have Monday night's lace affairs up sometime soon...

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1 comment:

Pearl Westwood said...

Great idea! I really like your leggings so unusual!