Wednesday, 9 December 2009

house of organza.

House of Organza is a collaborative effort - a number of different 'fashion-forward designers', a bigass pile of organza, and one objective: to create a unique piece in their own discipline.

Lyall Hakaraia; Dr Noki; Craig Lawrence; House of Organza (all pieces combined)

There are 8 designers taking part in the collaboration (Piers Atkinson, Judy Blame, Craig Lawrence, Atalanta Weller, Fred Butler, Dr Noki, Glovedup and Lyall Hakaraia) which was showing as part of an exhibition at Vogue Fabric in London*, linking fashion and architecture with a whole load of that wonderful diaphanous fabric.

All this lovely floaty-ness finally inspired me to get on with some DIYs, particularly one featured on Kingdom of Style a few months back. So hopefully I'll have time for some of the ol' outfit posts and 'new purchases' kinda posts. Cos I miss them, I really do.

*I'm a bit late on this, it finished on Sunday. :(.

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