Sunday, 14 November 2010


if leopard print and khaki isn't camouflage, i don't know what is.
literally could not be spotted - in a jungle situation or otherwise. amiright? iamnotright.

thrifted dress+cardi//ebayed boots//river island socks//vintage belt+brooch//green ombré nails

in other news, i am 22 tomorrow. :|.


frances said...

AND I am almost sure that Kitty went to my school for sixth form. I might have made that up though.
Tiny little world. Of the incestuous north east.

You don't look aaaanywhere near 22, not that 22 is a specific look... um, I'm in love wit the boot/sock combo. x

Dana said...

Happy birthday...early!

PS. I didn't see you in the picture, were you there? I assume you are camouflaged and that is why I am missing your outfit. :P

Siobhan said...

Many happy returns! Love the scarf nipped in with belt combo, trés chic!