Saturday, 6 November 2010

shipley lates.

well, this is a week late...

last friday was the Fashion Fix event at the Shipley art gallery in Gateshead; it was pretty cool. there was a talk from Kim Howells (more below...) and a couple of 'vintage fashion shows', plus a pop up shop from Hey Baby Chief Panda, which is a vintage shop run by two ex-art students which is just down the road from me (i bought a huge army jumper and a duck-egg blue calf length skirt from them...)

pics below include lots of paper dresses (as made by various members of my class/other people from around uni. one of our tutors was working on these at the event); the DJ; a sign attached to one of the pieces in the pop-up shop and some illustrations as done by our illustration tutor, Ann, some 1st&2nd year students and me; and some bridges from the walk back to where i left my bike...

click the pics for a bigger image (hopefully)

Kim Howells (and her blog) is a stylist based in London, and she's worked at Dazed&Confused, and with Nicola Formichetti, and now consults/works with David Koma, Atlanta Weller, Craig Lawrence, Hannah Marshall and Fred Butler, as well as styling for Coco Sumner and Skunk Anansie. AND she's responsible for the House of Organza project (which I've written about before; as with Craig Lawrence...), so I was kinda a fan without realising it; and it was great to meet her, and a great night.

lates at museums are a pretty regular event at the Shipley/around Newcastle, though not fashion related ones particularly - i talked to some women who'd been to the pottery one and they'd made pots and everything! - but i assume this isn't a Newcastle specific thing at all; so i'd recommend any fashion-based (or indeed, any) lates at a gallery near you if you can!

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