Thursday, 18 November 2010


keeping things ticking over.
wearing vaguely similar outfits. i forgot to take a pic of the day in between this and the last post, but the duck egg blue skirt i got from hey baby chief panda made it's first appearance...

vintage leather jacket + fur collar//H&M dress//thrifted jumper//matalan(?) belt//
select shoes//topshop shorts//primark necklace//vintage+etsy rings

yknow, i often think "when/if i ever get a well paying job, what am i gonna spend my first paycheck on?" - realistically it'll be something sensible, or an apple product, or something kitchen-y, but in my head it's some piece of frivolity; something designer.
a rick owens leather jacket would be the dream, of course. or a pair of louboutins. a little cliché. but really, given how much i love the stuff, i'm not enitrely sure why i've never considered some leopard print affair from the godfathers of leopard print themselves, dolce & gabbana. seems like a good call.

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