Wednesday, 17 November 2010


the aftermath.

'hangover attire' isn't an oft-explored niche - i'm assuming that's because most people spend such periods of their life in bed/on the couch/on the bathroom floor, in the foetal position. unless they
really have to leave the house, in which case jeans and hoodies will suffice.

not on my watch.

thrifted jumper+skirt//H&M leggings//primark socks//asos brogues

at first glance, this could be any other outfit, but below are the hallmarks of the hangover look - you'll now be able to spot whether i was a-drinking the night previous to outfit photos, and that'll be fun, right?
alternatively, you can use it as a 'how to survive a hangover' guide. i have no tips on feeling better, of course.

1. no jewellery.
too much effort.

2. flat shoes. anything with a heel or a wedge = too much effort.

3. slightly less makeup; no need for eyeliner or lipstick or any of that malarky. blusher and mascara will suffice (because hangovers come with a pallor too deathly even for me), or would if foundation wasn't a necessity per moi.

4. increasingly poor choices. because sheer skirts and leggings in wet/cold/muddy november. although, let's be honest, i would've donned similar items when not hungover. i am never seasonally appropriate; there is about a week in september where my style is approps, otherwise i'm too hot in my layers or too cold in my sheers. pfft. at least i've plonked some thick socks on over my leggings/under my cut-out shoes. great choice, great choice.

5. no waist. this is the biggie. the giveaway. because everything i wear defines my tights, no high waists, nothing too tight on the delicate mid-section, lest that queasy feeling claw it's way back. just when i was starting to feel better. ergh.

6. overcompensation. i might not feel good, but dammit, i'm going to look it. i want the finest clothes available to man, i want them here, and i want them now.

yes? yes.
as a side note; i adore this jumper. it's the perfect amount of slouchy and it's comfy AND warm AND it looks good; despite the holes in the cuffs (roll up the sleeves: problem solved), the slight pink shade from a rogue-red-item-in-the-wash situation and, now, the wonky hem where some of the thread has come out. oh dear.

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