Friday, 24 July 2009

Also; Bow Down To My Awesomeness.

One of the blogs I read on a regular basis is IS MENTAL.
This post appeared almost two weeks ago - this is how long I've been meaning to post about this! This is what placement reports have reduced me to! Two weeks!!!!! - where was I? Oh yes. This appeared on July 12th: clickity click

Regarde le.....main picture. I need to stop acting like I know French.

So yeah, Boutique leggings for Topshop, which I totally designed. AHAHAHA I am brilliant etc.
Yeah, so not even in the "I drew up the sketch" sense of the snake print oversized crop tee...thing...thats in Topshop also right now, but in the actual "I came up with designs, Topshop picked their favourite, I drew this up, it got sampled, it got bought, I am awesome" kind of way, which is about 56 million types of awesome.


You too can buy a genuine pair of Topshop leggings (it doesn't sound as exciting when I say it like that.) right here if you follow this link plzkthnks.

Amanda of IS MENTAL, if you happen to stumble upon this, ta for the photo. I am too excited/smug to not put this up here, and lord knows when the next time I'll get to feel excited/smug is. :D.


Jasmin Alexia said...

this is hott! love the leggings

Amanda said...

awwww yeah!!! thanks for using my pic and congrats on the rad design. i LOVE these freakin' pants.

xx amanda

jenn said...

why thankyou! XD
your very welcome; i do love when i notice a fellow blogger wearing something from RTW, especially if it's something I've had a hand in :D which hasn't been too often yet cos stuff I did at the start of my placement is just starting to go into stores (exciting times!)
ta for popping by, also ^_^