Wednesday, 15 July 2009

French Film Viewing; Italian Learning; Cinema Appreciating Moi

That was a long title O_O
And this post is part 'french films are awesome', part 'ode to the Tyneside Cinema'

So this was almost a week ago now, but last Friday was a bit of a culture trip. I went to aforementioned cinema to see Pierrot Le Fou (aforementioned French film). It was pretty awesome, very colourful and graphic and interesting, and as such I'll probably be making more trips to the cinema in the near future. I do get a weekly newsletter after all! 
I'll be there tomorrow for Harry Potter with the rest of the house, so yeah. And I want to see Moon too so maybe next week...
At this rate I'll spend all of my money on the cinema ><

Oh and I found this poster outside the cinema and lol'd:

Why, you ask? Because, THE GHERKIN IS STILL STALKING ME. This time from movie posters. XD.

So, this cinema, is awesome. It's a listed building, and it's all art deco and amazing.
If you are a northerner and you've never been, I demand you go RIGHT THIS SECOND. I don't care what to see! It's about 3 billion times better than the multiplex cinemas, and it's cheaper, and it shows more interesting films (although often not the biggest releases, unless they're action based, for some reason. No Bruno here!).
And it has my favourite cafe in the city centre; second favourite in Newcastle; at the bottom.
AND it's down a bit of a back street.

Down the alley...

Inside the cafe, where I did molte italiano.

Seriously. GO NOW.

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