Monday, 27 July 2009

Lake District Times

So I was only there for like, 18 hours, but I got in a walk and a meal out, and a nice drive through the hills.
Gratuitous photos! (including some sheep as seen from the train, some rivers and lakes and mountains and shit, a ridiculously cute baby duck, a river up in the hills, and the hills as seen from the car on Saturday.)

I don't really have anything else to add! We were staying on Coniston Water, though.
Although this was the wardrobe in my room, which was FANTASTICALLY 70s.

It inspired me to wear my new shorts on Friday evening.

Tweed jacket. Cos it's the country, and that.

And on Saturday we popped into Barnard Castle and Bowes Museum. I wore this outfit, and tried on this feathery tiara concoction which they had in their inexplicably-placed dress up box in the middle of the art gallery.

I adore my "why am I consenting to photographic evidence of this" expression in the second photo. Ridiculous posing for outfits; yes, posing in accessories held together with sticky tape; no.

Some woman said she loved my outfit too. Err, ta :D

Saturday night I went to Sunderland.
I would write about this, but a) I have no pictures and b) there's nothing to tell. Cept....don't do it.

In other news, I cut off my split ends and now my hair is too short and I actually hate it to the point I'm considering spending money on hair extensions (which I would clearly then cut) until it grows to a decent length. Which will probably be in about 6 weeks. Or less.
I might just wear a hat; it's cheaper.

Us lot are off the Coop Stereo tonight (4 weeks in a row at Connection. Hardcore. Clearly.) so here's hoping it doesn't tarnish the Coop memories *fingers crossed*


Hana Blakey said...

missus, your shoes in that second outfit picture are delish ^_^

jenn said...

whyyy thankyou ^_^

Mam said...

Where's the one I took of you by the Lake? :O Love the feather doodah though XD Good times x

Mam said...

Eekkk!!! Extensions!! You said extnesions!!! :O:O