Friday, 17 July 2009

The Cooperage; the legend.

I'm taking time out from the arduous task of completing my placement report to attempt to save one of my favourite places in the world!

My beloved Cooperage, which has been mentioned numerous times on this blog, is a Newcastle institution, and is without doubt the best club in the north, probably the country, is being closed down, NEXT TUESDAY O_O.
One the plus side, this means there is one more Connection @ Cooperage (I only hope connection finds a new home, for it is the best night out ever. But it won't be the same without the rickety stairs and the ye olde-ness of it all ;_;) before they shut up shop, but on the minus side, there is only one more Connection @ Cooperage...

Me and Aaron have already vowed to get mahhhhtal (as drunk as is physically possible, non-northerners) next Monday in honour of the establishment. Aaron even said "let's get so drunk we die! we'll die in coop!" although I think this is probably a little far. Muchos wine will be drunk before leaving, this is for certain.

There is, inevitably, a Facebook group to save it - I beg of you, even if you've never been, even if you never will, even if you've never been to Newcastle, EVEN IF YOU'VE NEVER BEEN TO THE UK!, join this group. To quote Tesco; every little helps.

The Cooperage, FYI, is a (probably about) 500 year old timber framed building on Newcastle's Quaysides. It is a beautiful building and the fact that it is a public space and a club at that, is so awesome and unique its beyond belief. The reason it's being closed down, I hear, is because of noise complaints from people in neighbouring apartments - what I find shocking here is that these apartments are new, and these people surely knew it was a club beforehand, and yet because the brewery who own Coop aren't fighting them there is every chance that this historic building will be torn down for the sake of some moaning folk who live in shiny modern apartments. SO WRONG.

RIP Coop, we'll always have the memories.

*sigh* back to the report. I want it finished ASAP because I wish to have time to spend a night in the Lake District next week with Mam & Tom...

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