Friday, 31 July 2009

If We Ran The Country

Me, Ana and Lauren* had a discussion of much hilarity last night.
It all started with a facebook status of mine - "is having a Fry-filled evening, what with buzzcocks and QI on dave. Yay!"

What ensued quickly became a discussion of how Stephen Fry should be on a tenner.
And then the photoshopping (read also: MS Paint) began (note; not by me!).
So if we ran the country, this would be the currency - the Russell Howard fiver (of which there are two versions), the Fry tenner, the Bill Bailey twenty and the Izzard fifty (plus special edition Sean Lock 'slaaaaag' fifty).

Images 2, 3, 4 & 5 copyright LonRon, images 1 & 6 copyright Ana Eagle Snowdon.

This has been a random, but hopefully hilarious post.
FYI my favourite is the Howard fiver, where he seems to have the Queen's hairdo. XD. I also particularly enjoy how Ana but Bank of 'Howard' and 'slaaahgs' respectively on her notes....

* it feels odd to call Lauren 'Lauren', I always always call her by her full name (Lauren Ronsdale!), or LonRon...


Mam said...

Izzy looks positively hot on his one! And Sean Lock suits the Queen's hair LMAO

jenn said...

he well does! eddie is looking fabulous on a 50.

Rianna Bethany said...

Ha ha ha! funny stuff! Love it!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxx

JT said...

Omg this is AMAZINGLY FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!
I loved it!!!!!!!!!



Edel said...

Hahaha I'm dying here, especially at the Izzard fifty, genius!!
(thanks for the little mention on the post below too (: )