Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Lazy Blogging: Things I Love (& Hate!)

As stolen from NOGOODFORME.COM aka one of my daily reads. Home of Beatles and Kinks fangirling and imaginary shopping sprees; hilarious and heartwarming genius; read it now.
This is partially a recap of the past 48 hours, also. Handy that!

I LOVE this clip, sent to me by Ana Eagle Snowdon. As discussed yesterday at great length. Armstrong & Miller's WWII fighter pilots aka chavs. BRILLIANT, isn't it. Isn't it.

It is.

I ALSO LOVE Sean Lock on 8 Out Of 10 Cats. Quote:
"What's the the worst thing about nightclubs?"
"Worst thing?!"
"Yeah, not enough of 'em. Slaaaaaaaaaaaaags"


I HATE when people with pushchairs think they're more worthy of public space than anyone else. Like in the lift, in the car park, we got in last and so were going to get out first and this bloody woman charged ahead with her child and nearly ran us over. Dickhead.

I LOVE the word 'dickhead'. It's such a northern insult. Northerners just swear better. Infact, this is how well we swear - to pronounce dickhead properly, it should be pronounced thusly, and as harshly as possible: "Dick'ed"

I HATE having to wait 'til January to see new Lost episodes, especially given the Comic Con craic. Dominic Monaghan!?!?! Was ist das!? See, it even called for german. And I have to wait at least 4 months for this. Possibly 5. I don't even know the damn month.

I LOVE how Mad Men is back on TV in just three tiny weeks! JOAN MOTHERFUCKING HOLLOWAY IN ALL HER GLORY! Yesssssssss. And Don Draper, who, let's face it, sweats sex.
Also Project Runway!!! WHEEEEEEE!

I ALSO LOVE and recommend wholly, driving down the A1 (any motorway/highway/fast road/whatever) playing Rebellion (Lies) by the Arcade Fire as LOUDLY AS POSSIBLE and dancing. I also love/recommend following this with pizza at Pizza Express and ice cream at any anonymous ice cream stall. With sprinkles.

On the ice cream, not the pizza. Unless that floats yer boat.

I (and Ana) HATE any adverts not involving animated meerkats. Particularly anything promoting hair/beauty/feminine products. WHY ARE ALL THESE WOMEN ANNOYING/IDIOTS?!?!? Arghhhhhh etc.
Like, that one where the woman has fishnets on and then she shaves her legs and then she's like "ahaha I don't need these anymore!" and takes them off and struts on her merry way. Woah, wait. YOU WERE WEARING FISHNETS! Like you can't see hairy legs through fishnets! WHATTHEFUCK.
Don't get me started on that Tampax Pearl advert. It must be stopped.

I LOVE drunk boys who dance like Jarvis Cocker. And Connection: now at Stereo. And fabulous gays who have the male equivalent of my hair* and wear harem pants. Such boys are amazing.

*blonde and asymmetric. Although I believe his is longer than mine. Booo.

I HATE when alcohol makes people forget awesome nights. Not me this week! Be excited for me having all my memories of Monday in tact! Wooo!

I ALSO HATE how my hair is stupidly short after I had to cut the split ends off and now I look like a boy. ;_;.

I LOVE how this gives me an excuse to wear/buy hats to wear while it grows.
This nicely leads into how I love charity shops more than life, especially when I buy the mother of all fabulous hats (post to follow. Although I have to wait for a camera so....hmm.) for £4, and then go into Scope to find they have a sale and therefore manage to get a cropped jumper (which I have been looking for!!), an orange silk vest and a pair of clearly awesome men's chinos which are that slouchy, turn-up kind of awesome for a pound each. A. POUND. EACH. Essentially, that is an outfit for £3. Suck it, bitches.

Charity shop sales, man. That's the meaning of life.

I enjoy that it was hard to think of 'hates' at first and then I got right into it.


Mam said...

Love the blog this time - apart from the language....tut.

Ana said...

i approve of all things in this blog...isnt it? what what? xxx