Friday, 24 July 2009

Ahhhh It's Done

The dreaded placement report.
All but finished, needs to be handed in tomorrow and I need one last smidge of info. Well, I hope to get one last smidge of info, but it's not necessary, since this is a pass/fail thing and I've covered everything in the brief.

But you don't care about that! You superficial thing, you.

So instead, here is a rundown of my week.

Coop; RIP.
I got hideously drunk (bottle of wine before leaving the house; and nothing else.).
I don't remember getting off the bus or getting into coop....
...I do remember and am reminded every damn day that I broke my camera and lost my ring, which belonged to my gran and I will never get back.
My little finger feels naked without it, despite the fact I didn't wear it all the time.

Awesome night though, ey?

Actually, lets fast forward a few days.
The next two days were spent finishing off reports and nursing the bruises/cuts I garnered on Monday night (thats one bruise on my knee, one on my elbow, and a massive gash on my arm which I seem to think would've hurt more when I did it....? Fell over on the stage a hefty number of times. It was the wet floor, not the combination of 6 inch heels and alcohol, mmmmkay?)

So today I had a tutorial at uni, which was awesome. Mostly cos my tutor was loving the fact that I loved my placement, ran a blog and was doing a lot of cinema viewing. Good times.
Also went to see Moon with Dean, which was pretty awesome.
Also it starred (briefly, as this was allll about Sam Rockwell, who did put in a stellar performance.) Kaya Scodelario (Effy from Skins. I am going to go ahead and assume I spelt her last name correctly. I probably did not.), and Matt Berry (Bainbridge Dixon/....errrr...the boss in series 3 of the IT Crowd..? I forget his name in that. He is mint though.). These things pleased me.
Go see it, if you get the chance. Preferably at awesome independant cinemas which are awesome. Did I mention I love the Tyneside? Awesome.

Other than that I have been mostly wearing such outfits as this:

Well, when not in pyjamas, you know. I have no outfit pics from Monday. THIS MAKES ME SAD. Not as sad as the loss of my camera/ring though. But I had my leopard print maxi dress on, and it was awesome.


In other news, I'm off to the Lake District for 24 hours tomorrow. I was gonna go tonight but then I had to wait for this info to finish this project......
Photos to follow.
Because I have stolen Aaron's camera.
Because he left it here, and it's a Canon too, and my memory card fits in it.

In other, other news, Aaron is pretty sure he has swine flu. He is at home, thank god, but I'm pretty sure this means it's only a matter of time for the rest of us.
Sadly he has remembered about our "the first person in this house to get it gets a fiver off everyone else" bet, but if the rest of us deny it ever existed, perhaps he will think he dreamt it in a flu-addled dream???
*crosses fingers*

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