Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Resort 2010; Part One

I figured I should post about the resort collections at some point, although I am about 3 weeks behind.
These posts are in order of favourite collections (ish) so this is ones I liked a few pieces from...
Some I like from an inspiration point of view, some from a 'I'd wear that' point of view, some I just like but can't explain why. Which isn't much good for a blogger but yknow.

Basso & Brooke

Gorgeous bright prints here...


Cute shapes.
Cuter shoes! I love the mix of stripes in the second pic.


I loved the beach setting! Karl is a legend. That sheer full length coat is fit. XD.

Christopher Kane

Yeah, everyone's going mental over this one *shrugs*
I am a Kane fan, but I'm not in shock and awe over this (much like Balenciaga S/S 08, I remember my textiles teacher being like "IT'S AMAZING".....yeah, it's interesting, not mind blowing.)
Anyhoo, I liked this printed dress - the more abstract ones worked better IMO. And the grey and black mix...much love for that.
The printed shoes are pretty awesome though.

Doo Ri

It's all about the colour combos here. That mix of blues = ♥ .

Isaac Mizrahi

Clearly he's been too busy presenting The Fashion Show (which I am watching avidly to tide me over til Project Runway returns.) to send out anything *too* interesting. But....the neon and flesh tone mix is so unusual, it just works. And that polka dot dress! If I can find a pale chiffon with dark dots I may have to whip up my own version.

Jason Wu

It's the light printed blouses and dresses; so cute.


I just love the layering here. I am ALL about layering. Hence not being a particular fan of summer; it is too hot to layer.

Sonia Rykiel

I only really included this because of the socks.
Genius. And also, want.

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Anthem said...

Love love love balenciaga. Great pics!